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Eight Great Healthy Tips To Fight Holiday Weight Gain

With Christmas on the horizon, the season of overindulgence will soon be here. But don’t fret! You can keep your healthy habits from now until the new year while still enjoying yourself. See these simple healthy tips for avoiding temptation and fueling your brain and body this holiday season. Fill up on fiber and protein rich foods: When you go to a party look for the veggies, beans, and lentils, and lean protein foods like eggs, chicken, turkey, grass fed beef, and pork. Vegetables have … [Read more...]

Cornhole Boards Can be Fun for the Whole Family

The American Cornhole Association (ACA) has heard many stories from Cornhole players who purchased low quality Cornhole boards and regretted it, so we decided to partner with someone to offer the highest quality boards on the market. The ACA has one mission: to help Cornhole players enjoy the game of Cornhole.  One of the most important ways to achieve this goal is for people to have high quality equipment to play on.  The ACA staff personally tested dozens of Cornhole boards and made an … [Read more...]

$15 Amazon GiftCard Giveaway

  Entry-Form             Hosted By : The Kids Did It & The Mommy Island Click on each blog title below to enter another great giveaway! Don’t miss the Grand Prize Giveaways at The Mommy Island and The Kids Did It! Be sure to come back daily for bonus entries too.   … [Read more...]

Smart Strategies for Enjoying the Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight

The holiday season is among us, at this point we have given up on our goals for the year or we're actually sticking to them. If trying to enjoy the holiday season without gaining weight, this post is for you. I've been trying to maintain and lose weight throughout the year and I found all of these great tips work throughout the whole year, not just during the holiday season. 7 Smart Strategies for Enjoying the Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight 1. Pregame: If you skip meals or snacks … [Read more...]

How To Make A Gift Guide With 5 Easy Steps

If you have Pinterest, you have seen a gift guide for just about everything under the sun. It's the newest & easiest way to make a wishlist for yourself and others. Below I am going to show you a quick and easy way to making your own giftguide with these 5 easy steps. It might seem hard, but it's really easy, I promise you. 1) Pick a theme Sounds simple right, it can be anything. A color, a sport, a team, a brand, a person, honestly it can be anything under the sun. For example, I made … [Read more...]