Go Back | 1 King 18:30-46

Sequence: Go Back

It’s not about starting over, it’s about restoring order. Because life is better, when life is in ORDER.

• When life is ‘out of order’ we may have more stress, anxiety, etc etc..
• We all worship something that gets our attention, but what God is saying is he wants to be first in the Order.

Go Back | 1 King 18:30-46

1 King 18: 30 – 39 & 41 – 46

If you restore the worship in your life, it may take away from something else you were putting first before in your life. Like sleep, waking up early, instead of sleeping in. Setting aside time for God and his worship instead of watching tv or something like that. You will have to say NO to things you were saying yes to before. But once you do, God will make it worth it for you.

Do you want God to ‘Let the fire fall..” to fall upon people you’re not too fond of.. We want things to happen now and one time will be enough. But in reality, you will have to continue to do it with our walk with God.

It’s not starting over, it’s going back and restoring our life and not giving up the first time your prayer isn’t answered. Keep praying and keep going back. If your prayer isn’t answer. Don’t give up.

Seek first the kingdom of God. Make this year the year you give God your heart’s affection and your head’s attention.

“Please God send the rain…”

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