10 Things That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

When you’re in a rut and things have got you down, everyone has things that will get them out of that rut. Here’s 10 Things That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down. They work for me, not sure if they work for you, but you can try them anyways.
 10 Things That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down
Seriously, even if it doesn’t brighten your day, after a day of drinking, you will forget the reason you were feeling yucky to start with.
When in doubt, dance it out.
Doesn’t matter, how bad you sing, turn it up and sing, mix #1 & #2, then you’re bound to have a brighter day.
 I could sit here forever being working on some graphics or making myself a new website designs are my favorite.
Seriously, do I need to explain this one? 5 hours later you will forget what the problem was.
I’m not talking clothes and girly stuff, I hit up the sale & dollar section at Target, can’t beat that!
There’s nothing some good cardio can’t fix. Turn on Youtube, there’s plenty there
Whoever said you had to leave your chair to get some farming in, lol
What’s better than some good ol’ tv shows to cheer you up?!
Talking to a friend always helps, hands down!

How Do You Turn That Frown Upside Down?

About Natalie

Natalie is a North Carolina single mom who enjoys the simple things in life such as live music, great food, travel. When she’s not blogging, you can probably find her making graphics, binging netflix or spending time with friends.


  1. I love your list! LOL’d at #1 😀

    • Natalie says:

      people may take it the wrong way, thinking I’m a drunk.. I actually haven’t drunk in 2 years due to BFing, lol

  2. Yup! You can’t dance and be in a bad mood. Or sing. Good list

  3. I love your list it made me smile..

  4. Talking to a friend or my husband! Funny post!

  5. I don’t drink alcohol or play Farmville. The other things can be fun though.

  6. This would definitely brighten up your day. I used to have a farm in farmville.

  7. Ha! Love this. The gifs about did me in. How about adding reading this list to the list? This really made me smile!

  8. The last one’s the coolest! 🙂

  9. Usually I just sleep when I am feeling bad. I almost always feel better when I wake up.

  10. I stop everything I’m doing and lay on the floor and play with my kids. Or if they are already asleep and I don’t feel like working, I will turn on a good Real Housewives episode and indulge 🙂

  11. those are really funny! I would say my kids cheer me up.. they know when i am feeling down.

  12. Honestly I did not pay with the 10 things here, What I like are the very funny gifs and thats what made my day.

  13. I love dancing and singing to a great song to cheer me up. Thanks for the great videos.

  14. Some great advice Natalie! Love the images that alone put me in a good mood this weekend!

  15. Seriously… When I shop the world gets better 😀

  16. Great List LOL! I Definitely Turn The Music Up!! XO

  17. Dancing is good for mind body and sole.

  18. I do all of these except for the farmville one! lol

  19. This definitely makes me smile! Love it!

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