What Happened When My Parents Found Out I was Pregnant At 17

When asked: Imagine you are only seventeen right now, and your big 18th birthday bash is happening next month. How are you going to plan for it? Like: What would the theme be? How many people are invited? Will it happen at the beach? Be creative! It’s your birthday after all. Don’t forget the photos! 🙂

Sounds like a different kind of theme, but okay.. So I’m almost 28, so almost 10 years ago I was turning 18, but it was around this time, that I’m a senior in High School. It’s that moment in HS, that I realized that I’m pregnant, dun dun dun.. So I kept it hush hush for a few months (kinda regret that now, I should of went to the doctors.

Any who, my parents found out 5 days before I turned 18 (Jan 30th). What happen then? I got grounded, yep, grounded for getting pregnant, shouldn’t I get grounded BEFORE I get pregnant, maybe so, but I was grounded from hanging out with friends, all that jazz until I had the baby. Well karma had it, I was able to do school, stayed in marching band, did everything I normally did in school. I went to homecoming, etc etc.. Until I almost had Hailey early, then went on bed rest to finish out school there, luckily I had her early and was able to recover & get back to school just in time for end of grade testing & GRADUATED with my class! Woo-Hoo!

Well, back to the prompt, IF I was able to have a unlimited funded over the top birthday party kinda like “sweet 16” on MTV, it would look something like this… ‘Wonderland Themed’ —-

What Happened When My Parents Found Out I was Pregnant At 17

Otherwise, a night out, dinner, movie & hangout with some of my closest friends is just as awesome!

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