5 Confessions of a Stay At Home Mom

So I missed last weeks, I think.. I honestly don’t remember what the days are anymore or what happened two days ago, it’s been kinda crazy. I know one thing though, I love how I don’t have to wake up at 6am until September, gotta love summer vacation! Now if I can just get the kids to sleep in past 7 am, I would be set. In between laundry gotta get everything ready & packed for this weekend. Going to Kentucky & Nashville! 1400 miles is going to be happening within the next week, kinda crazy if you ask me. With that said, I’m linking up with three awesome ladies Bella over at Dateless in Dallas,  Liz over at Fitness Blondie, & Kat @ Vodka & Soda. I suggest you check their blogs out, they’re awesome 🙂 Here’s my list, 5 confessions of a SAHM.

1. Resetting the Washer – I hate Laundry!


Let’s face the facts here, we all have done it.. You get so busy in everything you’re doing, housework, cooking, sitting on pinterest for 2 hours (never done such a thing, lol). Whatever it was you were doing, you forgot to load the washer into the dryer. I don’t know about you, but we have a crap washer & dryer, so you have to do like 2-3 cycles in the dryer before it actually dries the clothes, so if you slack on the washer load, it’s gonna take 10x longer than it should.

2. There’s no shame in wearing yoga pants

I see nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants, I happen to own a yoga pants & yoga capris. They’re comfy to wear, I ain’t got no one to impress, they are comfy to wear, it’s something easy to throw on when you got kids running like crazy mini people. Okay I can understand the skin tight basically see-through ones, that’s a bit much, otherwise stop hating on my sofa pants! haha I wore them a few times while “working out”.

3. Real life friends

Sad, but true.. I have no “friends” that live near me, I simple don’t know anyone. No one.. I mean I have my sisters who are in Northern VA (2 hrs from us). But no one hear near us. I have my friends back home in NC. All of my friends live in my computer, to say.. I have some amazing friends, that I love dearly for that matter. Just no friends in NC 🙁 that’s sad, I know. The fact I’m home 24/7, no car, no babysitter, I rarely go anywhere, unless it’s with John… or we go somewhere as a family. No mommy time, the world would fall apart without me.

4. What I would do for a 9-5


When I was working full time OUTSIDE the house, getting a real paycheck, having adult conversations on topics, something besides Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Dora. It was awesome, I’ve worked off and on, when I was a single mom, I was working 2 jobs at one point to save money for my wedding at that point. When John was in the Army, I was working 3rd shift at a sheetz (gas station/fast food). Talk about no sleep, that’s what kicked in my insomnia, being up from 10 pm to 6 am working, coming up being up til 5-6 pm and sleeping from then to 930 pm when I went to work. CRAZY! But I miss it, I miss it a lot, when all the kids go back to school (in 5 years, I’m getting a legit job).

5. Nap time is golden!

Legit.. *knock on wood* is when I can get the most stuff done on the computer. When the kids were in school, Hannah & Jacob both take naps, it’s amazing, it’s the little things like that. When kids get older and get out of the nap stage. I wish I took more naps as a child, I wouldn’t be so tired now, lol. I could train the kids to take naps, 10 laps around the house sounds like a good plan, only kidding..

About Natalie

Natalie is a North Carolina single mom who enjoys the simple things in life such as live music, great food, travel. When she’s not blogging, you can probably find her making graphics, binging netflix or spending time with friends.


  1. I love yoga pants! I wear them to sleep too. No shame!

    Your layout looks amazeballs!!!

  2. I have to use the laundry room in my apartment building so no forgetting allowed. It is a PAIN!

    • Natalie says:

      I feel ya, the old apt we had, there was no laundry room, so we had to take it across town to the laundry mat! talk about a pain & waste of money.

  3. I wear pj pants every season but the summer! I take care of kids in my home and what else is there to wear… much more comfier than the yoga pants.

  4. Ahaha! I’m sure glad there’s no shame in wearing yoga pants lol! I live in yoga pants 😉

  5. Yoga pants. Sweat Pants. All good, even if you’re not a mum.

  6. Hahaha, funny pictures, especially number five, the nap time LOL Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. oh i miss nap time. when my daughter outgrew hers (or fought them – same diff) i was sad to see those 2 hours of quiet go away. there were times i forced her to take a nap with me just so i could get some sleep myself LOL

  8. Ah yes, that damn load of towels in my dryer that keeps getting washed! And I change from PJ pants, to Yoga Pants, and back to Pj pants daily. Nothing wrong with it. It’s a step up from where I was a year ago. I would wear the same PJ pants for 2 days.

  9. These are all great confessions! And yes, laundry definitely never ends.

  10. I love the “Nap Time is Golden” I get so much done when my daughter naps. Usually it’s a pickup of the entire apartment and dinner done. If I am lucky I get an distracted meal in too.

  11. After reading this….I am so glad I have only a cat! *L*

  12. There might be moms groups in your area…a little hokey at times but a nice change of scenery from the computer screen! 🙂

  13. “Real life friends.” my friends is far far away too, but we’re lucky to have a social media to make the distance closer.

  14. Love Them All Especially Good Luck Getting Your Shit Done, You crack Me Up, I Really Needed A Good Laugh Thank You You Made My Day!

  15. coraltintedperceptions says:

    If I could wear yoga pants for the rest of my life everyday I would! 🙂

  16. I am with you, I hate laundry. and yoga pants are comfortable around the house.

  17. That’s funny. I just stared waking up at 6 am a few weeks ago to get my son on the bus to summer camp each day. He’ll be starting kindergarten so waking early is new territory for me. And your post is so right on! I work from home and the only time I leave home is to pick up a kid and go to the grocery store. So I have to multitask my work with hanging with the kids.

  18. All of these applied or apply to me now. Mine kids are 23 and 17 now. I have always always hated laundry and I do have to do them over sometimes because i do forget to put them in the dryer. Good way of preventing that though is a timer. Thanks for sharing the confessions because they are all cute and funny but true.

  19. It’s funny that over the years of blogging, my online friends have now taken over my real life friends. Also, I went and moved and so I haven’t even had time to go places where I would meet anyone here. PS. I’m wearing yoga pants right now. 😉

  20. Consider yourself lucky you have a washer and dryer and you have pods there because here in Manila the SAHM wash the clothes partly by hand and partly by washing machine and we don’t have a dryer we stil hang our clothes outside for it to dry.

    • It’s faster to do it outside.. the dryer is on it’s last leg.. I would do it outside if we werent by a cow farm, anything outside will have a horrible oder, lol

  21. I guess there are a lot of perks at being at home as you get to wear comfy clothes though it will always be a challenge having kids and managing chores.

  22. lol it actually made laugh except the same laundry (because my husband checks it often) you just told everyone what it feel to be me everyday.

  23. I can relate with your fourth confession and we are contradict on the first because I don’t want my clothes be done by other people I am always hands on with my laundry.

  24. The “friends” comment is so true!! All of my friends are online! No one my age has children near me.

  25. You sound exactly like me for sure. We moved to Florida 5 years ago and no friends here. Laundry is an uphill battle and I also miss having an outside job.

  26. The first one describes me……I do this weekly. I always end up washing towels about 3 times because I always forget there is a load in the dryer.

  27. There are lots of things that define us as mothers, things we never thought of before becoming moms

  28. I think we’re living the same life! LOL..that was funny!

  29. Everyone definitely shouldn’t be allowed yoga pants unless they are approved by another individual.

  30. Great post! Comfortable clothing and napping all the way, lol! I don’t have a dryer, I have to gt them outside, and if it rains, too bad!

  31. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing your commentary and photos!

  32. The New Classy says:

    Hahaha! Love the snarky cards. Sadly, they are true though.

  33. These are great. I know that I have washed the same clothes over and over again. I have done the same thing with the dishes in the dishwasher.

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