5 Self Help Books To Take Back Your Life | #FiveFavoriteFriday

I’ve been on this whole, “taking my life back” phase for the last 3 years. I’ve never really been much of a book person, until I realized books can take your mind off of how crazy your life is or you can take a break from it. Here are 5 self help books that can help you take back your life. I just checked out the 3rd book on Amazon, it’s more of a journal type book, than an actual reading book. Those are my favorite kind. I reckon I can make a new post about it, when I get done with it. I added a few other self help books from Amazon to my wish list, I recommend you going over to the ‘self help books’ section, there’s some great choices!

5 Self Help Books To Take Back Your Life | #FiveFavoriteFriday

  1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life $9.64If you’re ready to make some serious changes around here, You Are a Badass will help you: Identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want, blast past your fears so you can take big exciting risks, figure out how to make some damn money already, learn to love yourself and others, set big goals and reach them – it will basically show you how to create a life you totally love, and how to create it NOW.
  2. Choosing ME Before WE: Every Woman’s Guide to Life and Love $11.87Full of sass, soul, and the type of empowering wisdom that no woman should live without, Choosing ME before WE is like a heart-to-heart with your closest girlfriend. And best of all, you’ll discover that your closest girlfriend is your own truest self, inside you, always ready to offer wise, loving advice about what is best for you. Designed to challenge and guide women to create the relationships they want instead of the ones they often find themselves stuck in, this book is packed with stimulating questions to uncover what’s true for you, powerful techniques to change old habits that sabotage your dreams, and real-life experiences shared by the author, her friends, and her clients.
  3. Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration $9.19Start Where You Are is an interactive journal designed to help readers nurture their creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation. It helps readers navigate the confusion and chaos of daily life with a simple reminder: that by taking the time to know ourselves and what those dreams are, we can appreciate the world around us and achieve our dreams. Featuring vibrant hand-lettering and images that have attracted a large following for her stationery and textile line in boutiques across the country, Meera Lee Patel’s uplifting book presents supportive prompts and exercises along with inspirational quotes to encourage reflection through writing, drawing, chart-making, and more.
  4. You’ll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times $9.59In You’ll Get Through This, pastor and New York Times best-selling author, Max Lucado offers sweet assurance. “Deliverance is to the Bible what jazz music is to Mardi Gras: bold, brassy, and everywhere.” Max reminds readers God doesn’t promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. It wasn’t for Joseph–tossed in a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery, wrongfully imprisoned, forgotten and dismissed–but his Old Testament story is in the Bible for this reason: to teach us to trust God to trump evil.
  5. How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can: A Total Self-Healing Approach for Mind, Body, and Spirit $12.23Using energy therapy and emotional healing techniques, How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can shows you how to achieve complete and permanent healing by loving, accepting, and being yourself no matter what. Energy therapist Amy Scher presents an easy-to-understand, three-part approach to using energy healing for removing blockages, changing your relationship with stress, and coming into alignment with who you truly are.

Have you ready any self help books? Which was your favorite?

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  1. I am interested in reading You’ll Get Through This.

  2. I have mixed feelings about self-help books. Someone gave me a copy of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People but I never got around to reading it, because they also gave me a copy of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (and It’s All Small Stuff).

  3. These sound like great books. I could benefit from the Me before We. I don’t always take care of myself, which makes it harder for me to take care of others.

  4. Sound like 5 great books, like #5

  5. I always need new books to read.

  6. Debra Holloway says:

    These look like some very interesting books.

  7. These all sound lovely!

  8. Susan Hartman says:

    I have mixed feelings about self help books but you never know until you try.

  9. Angela Ingles says:

    I don’t spend a lot of time on self-reflection with working full-time and having a two year old, a newborn, and a husband who is sick. Start Where You Are intrigues me and I think it would help me slow down and really focus on what matters.

  10. Sherry Compton says:

    These all sound good on strengthening you. They sound inspirational and helpful. We have to remember it’s ok to sometimes take time for ourselves…just don’t do it always and forget about other’s feelings, too. Max Lucado always writes so beautifully; I’m sure this book is good, too.

  11. Margaret Appel says:

    These all sound like really good books for someone that is actually motivated to read them. Or has time to read them 🙂 I wish I did, I’m sure they would help!

  12. I love the titles and the eyecatching covers. I want to read you are a bad ass and Me before We

  13. Great recommendations, thank you.

  14. I am so ready to take back my life. I thank you so muich for sharing the post here. This will come in really handy.

  15. I like reading self help books. I could definitely use one at this point in my life. The You Are a Badass book sounds like my style.

  16. I’ve read a lot of self help books. These look interesting.

    slehan at juno dot com

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