5 Awesome Kitchen Gadgets Any Kitchen Needs

Hello people of the interwebs - were back with another #FiveFavoriteFriday and this week we are doing gadgets! I rounded up 5 of my favorite kitchen gadgets, which I went ahead and added these to my wishlist, I plan on getting them when I get my own place later this year! EEK! These are pretty cool - I know for one the angry mama microwave cleaner actually works, it's so crazy. Check out these 5 awesome gadgets for any kitchen! Also check out the other awesome ladies in the link up this week … [Read more...]

$25 Barnes & Noble GiftCard Giveaway | #GoldDigger

Are you a book worm? I'm a closet bookworm. Growing up every Sunday we always went by Barnes & Noble after church to look at books. It was a family tradition, more or less it was my favorite thing to do. Enter below for your chance to win a $25 Barnes & Noble gift card. Entry-Form Welcome to the Goal Digger Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers! Hosted By: Mama Smith's and Women and Their Pretties Co-Hosted By: I Don't Have Time For That, Everyday Life, First Time … [Read more...]

10 Amazing Websites To Find FREE Stock Photos

Let me save you the trouble, here are 10 websites you can get free stock photos to use for your social media platforms and your blog. Never, I repeat never go to google images and just grab whatever image you want. Because you don't know if it's free stock or not. If the owner of the images finds you using your images and it's not free stock, you are in big trouble and could face a lawsuit. Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons … [Read more...]

The Most Amazing Quick & Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Before you throw out those yucky looking bananas into the trash, you can make some of the best banana bread you ever had, so you can thank me later! This recipe is quick and easy! This is the go to yummy treat our mom always made for us while growing up. It's best when it's fresh and you put some butter on top, it will seriously melt in your mouth because it's so moist. I have a bad habit of getting bananas and then forgetting that I bought them. Then just let them sit around until they get … [Read more...]

Bath & Body Works $15 Gift Card Giveaway | #Cheers2017hop

Let's face it, I love me some Bath & Body Works, I wanted to share that love with ya'll.January is my favorite month, maybe because it's the month of goal setting, but most importantly it's my birthday at the end of the month. They're currently having a HUGE sale - my favorite products are their specialty care products which are currently 50% off! You can't beat that, so head over to the shop and save big! Check out ebates, they got a 1% cash back for B&BW and spend at least $25 on your … [Read more...]