RANT: Bloggers Who Leave Crappy Comments

Bloggers Who Leave Crappy Comments

Let’s face it, everyone loves getting them, who doesn’t? To have a successful blog you need followers, you need blog comments, you need people READING your stuff and leaving legit comments.

Now we all have them, we all have those few people who leave random bullshit comments, that

A) have nothing to do with the post itself.
B) aren’t a complete sentence.
C) just a bunch of words thrown together.
D) All of the above. Yea, let’s face it, we don’t want crap comments on our blogs.

Especially if it’s a sponsored post or a rview for a company, they’re going to read the comments, they’re going to see you have a lot of crap comments on a review. Do they want to do business with people with crap comments? No, no one does. But I’m seriously sick and tired of bullshit comments, people if you’re going to leave your links to your blogs day after day.. If I can sit here and read 20+ blogs and leave a comment at least ONE FULL SENTENCE LONG, SO CAN YOU! I mean, how hard is it.. we all want the comments, but I don’t want a bunch of half ass comments that have nothing to do with what I posted. READ THE BLOG POST. Like seriously, how hard.. how busy is your life, you can’t take the LESS THAN A MINUTE to read the blog/watch the video..? I seriously need to know.. I don’t mean to sound mean, but come on now, we’re adults here, I assume, that since you have a blog, you know how to read, that you know what a complete sentence is, that you know how to leave something related to what the post is about. If you don’t, you shouldn’t have a blog, you shouldn’t be allowed to post. It’s not fair, it’s simply not fair to everyone who spends at least an hour commenting on people’s blog post and reading blogs and leaving a real legit comment. It’s not fair. It makes me not want to be active in certain groups where this is an issue. There’s groups where if you pull crap like this, you’re out the first time. THE FIRST TIME! Out, You can’t give 10% while people like me are giving you 75%, that’s not fair. It’s not.

With that said, let’s go back to school for a minute here.

A sentence must have a subject, verb, and present a complete thought. 

(if you bother to read the top of each thread on groups, they have rules to go by, like..”Add meaningful and relevant comments. No 1 or 2 words & Comments must be at in full sentences.“) 

Bloggers Who Leave Crappy CommentsJust because I add a gif to the post, that doesn’t make it “funny”. I randomly post questions at the bottom of each blog, hell I gone as far as putting, “If you are in ____ group, leave answer this question…” maybe like 2 people out of at least 15 did it. I just don’t get it, please explain it to me. I’m going to start blocking short comments. You leave me a random short bs comment, you will get one in return, I’m done wasting my time helping when people don’t want to return the favor. It has to be said, I will say it. I’m not going to sit here and sugar coat things, I have better things to do with my time like go and sit for an hour to comment on everyone’s blogs. Let’s see how many people didn’t read this post and are prime examples of what I just ranted about.. lol (edit) prime examples, look in the comments.

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60 thoughts on “RANT: Bloggers Who Leave Crappy Comments

  1. I agree with all of the above. If you do not have time to leave a real sentence or comment then what’s the point of you leaving one? These people make no sense next time don’t link up if you don’t have the time to leave a comment that is related to the blog post.

  2. Haha, great post! I totally agree with you. I remove BS comments as well. I don’t typically participate in support threads for comments unless there are less than 10 simply because I don’t have time to read everyones posts and because nobody reads mine either. Waste of time. I get tired of seeing comments like “Thanks” or “Awesome post” Blah Blah Good job speaking your mind and not sugar coating.

  3. You state some great points. I admit that i have left some bs comments on some blogs..But you are right we need to make sure we are giving our full support to each other, or it really does not matter.. I will be more conscious of this from now on..

  4. I almost always love the comments people leave on my blog. Sometimes, people go off on a tangent, but they are usually venting and I am glad I gave them a release. If it’s too weird, I just delete the comment and go on. I am grateful to have my group and any support I get. Sometimes the short comments are sweet. I hope you find what you are looking for.

    1. what does different backgrounds have to do with anything? if I have to leave a meaningful comment on your page, I except you do the same, simple as that. If you’re not able to leave a meaningful comment on each blog, then don’t link up. Race, background, where you’re from should have nothing to do with that.

    2. I am from a different background than those I am leaving comments on- let’s be real here. If they can write a blog post- they can read/comprehend and comment on a blog post.

    1. Well it was getting really annoying, but it needed to be said, I tried to say it as nice as possible, but I can see how this could come off as mean or bitchy, but it definitely wasn’t meant for that. Just a stand for the little man, lol.

  5. I have had people leave short comments or leave a comment that has nothing to do with my posts too. I always try to leave full sentences to support fellow bloggers.

  6. You have made a great point. We are all in this for the support. What good is it doing if the comments are not meaningful? I will remember this post when commenting on future blogs. Atleast you are standing up and speaking your mind. You are genuine and that means a lot to people. Thanks for pointing this out.

  7. LOL! I Feel You People Constantly Leave Short Comments But I Get Over It Sometimes I Leave A Paragraph If It Really Is Of Interest Sometimes A Sentence Or Two But I Do ADMIT Sometimes Depending On The Post I Have Left A Few 5 Word Sentences Just Because.. If EVERYONE Left Nice LONG Comments I WOULD TOO BUT THEY DON’T So If Every Once In A While I Leave A Few Words I DON’T FEEL SO BAD!! LOL! PLEASE DON’T HATE ME ATLEAST I’M HONEEST!! XO Right Back At Ya!! 🙂

    1. No hating, lol.. when ppl do it to me, I do it back.. haha I shouldn’t put any effort if they don’t..

    2. Oh By The Way I Definately Agree When Someone Doesn’t Post ANYTHING ABOUT POST & Even If I Don’t Like A Post I STILL Say Something Positive I’ve Even Lied And Said I’d Love To Try A Dog Product For My DOG I DON’T HAVE It What You Should Do!!! LOL! Who Cares If Your A Vegeterian & There Is A Post For Beef Stew Suck It Up & Say How Delicious It Looks Will Try Recipe NOt I DON’T EAT RED MEAT!!! LOL! GRRRRRR LOL!

  8. you are so right. I actually had someone PM my blog on facebook saying he didn’t like a post about a giveaway and he wanted me to remove it. ok, let me think… NO! the giveaway is for a wallet and money clip, how is that bad? he wasted his time writing me and i wasted time reading it. I agree, if your not going to at least make an effort to comment, then just keep scrolling. btw, the pic at the end, so true!

    1. That’s lame.. I never had anyone complain.. okay, wait, I take that back, someone said, she “didn’t have the time” to watch a video I had posted, so she left a bs comment.. so I made sure to “not have time” to leave her a comment, like seriously..

    2. This is true and I know how it feels to be commented with one sentence saying “Nice Share”, “Thanks for sharing this is really interesting” We cannot deny the fact that we have a;already done it once or even twice but we cannot blame readers if they are not interested on reading our blogs.

      1. When you’re on SUPPORT GROUPS to SUPPORT other bloggers, it doesn’t matter if you’re interested or not. We’re there to SUPPORT each other. If you’re going to leave your link for people to take time out of their busy lives to comment on 20+ blogs with thoughtful comments more than these 1 liners. Then you can be respectful and do it in return. I spent at least an hour commenting decent long comments, whether I enjoy the blog or not. Otherwise, it’s pointless.

  9. So this is where I should say, hahaha that’s funny? Just kidding! It’s really frustrating when it’s obvious they didn’t read, and the comment is completely out of context of the post meaning. The funny thing is that in one of my groups (NOT yours), there’s someone who complains about people not reading but her comments are very often half-ass and off subject. 🙁

  10. I get your points on your post and I can’t say I don’t leave a BS comment on some blogs but I still care for my responsibility being a blogger and a reader because anything you do will always backfire on you. Maybe the most bad thing I did was not reading the whole post,well sometimes reading few sentences already gives me the whole story and that means the writer is very good. What I hate is when they are just doing a recycled post or duplicated content.

  11. AMEN sista!
    I can’t tell you how many I delete everyday 😉 Marking as spam is usually saved for the legit spam but I do a LOT of deleting for sure 😉

  12. Thanks for saying that. I don’t often participate in blog comments in groups because I do not have the time to read and comment. I wish I did but time isn’t always there for me and my blog. With saying that, thanks again for speaking up as a reminder that we are all in this together.

  13. I love this so much! This is something that has been really bugging me lately. I have had so many comments that really did not make any kind of sense that I had to delete them. My thought is WHY link up if you can’t read anything I wrote? I can go into tangents but I won’t. I know that i have been in link ups where I over extended myself and was too tired and my comments weren’t the best BUT I at least knew what I was commenting on.

    Sadly- since I joined in these linkups – I’ve gotten my first rude comments, lol. They are definitely from bloggers in the groups but /shrugs what can ya do? I had one call me a fat American on one of sponsored posts. LOL.

    The complaint on the video that you posted was ridiculous! One – the video was cute and two, she could have at least fast forwarded it through to the good stuff. It was about as long as it takes to read a typical blog post… well, if you read it thoroughly and comprehend it. Most of them are just padding their links and numbers. Sigh…

  14. I completely agree about the comments people leave when they obviously didn’t read the post. It’s one reason I don’t participate in a lot of groups where you’re expected to leave comments. I don’t want to be that person.

  15. Ha ha you kept my attention with this post! I giggle when someone posts a comment and I have to wonder if they put their comment in the wrong post and some one else got my comment.

  16. I absolutely agree with this post, I hate getting rude/negative comments when I take the time to make sure anything I post is 100% positive!!!

  17. Thanks for you post. I don’t normally take long to respond and it makes me feel really guilty and worse when I do see the reminders as I should. But I must admit I really do enjoy reading all the post on your blogs and feels like I know each and every person based on their writing. I know it is not easy and how time consuming it is. Thanks for all the comments it is great to hear what your opinion is. Great to learn what other feels based o n a topic. Great work!

  18. Wow that GIF is funny. Thanks for sharing. hahahah joking. It is seriously frustrating. I ask questions on almost all of my posts, at the bottom, in bold letters saying “Answer this: INSERT QUESTION HERE” and people still don’t answer it. I will comment on a help thread saying “Answer the question in my post” and still NOTHING. Grrr it makes me angry. Most people just look at the picture or title of your post and comment on that or like you said, they say something that makes no sense at all. Anyways, thank you for addressing this 🙂 Going to share it!

  19. That was a really nice post.

    J/K I can’t stand this BS. I have two littles and put in the time EVEN when people post about the dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet. So If I can subject myself through that torture, so can they. LOL

  20. Preach! Honestly, the one time anyone has answered a question I put in my blog posts, typically are people who aren’t from a bloggers group. And that is sad. Of course I’m SUPER thankful that someone took the time to thoughtfully type out an appropriate response, it ticks me off to no end to see my fellow bloggers say shit like “Oh I’ll share this” in a comment. Um ok, thanks?

    1. I’m guilty of that, normally if I say I’ll share it, because I do and I love it so much. Which rarely happens. But totally, I try to answer the questions on the posts when I’m leaving a comment.

  21. I can’t even GET jibberish comments on my blog, much less sensible ones. I’m running a giveaway on my book blog, and one of the ‘mandatory’ entries is ‘Comment on the blog by answering this question…’ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND nothing.
    It’s seriously depressing.

    1. Techinally, you’re not allowed to have a “mandatory” entry that makes the person have to do anything. They’re suppose to be freebies. But people don’t know the rules or like to make up their own or simply don’t care lol.

  22. This is such a great post! It kills me when someone posts a comment on your blog and you have NO clue where their comment came from! I, too, have written posts and asked questions at the end like “who do you find is the hardest to buy for in your family?” and I’ll all sorts of random comments had nothing to do with the question or post! Honestly, for the past 3 months, I haven’t been able to participate in too many linkup threads just because my work schedule and life don’t always permit the time to do it. In some groups I am in, when I would leave a link after commenting/following everyone above me, it seemed everyone at the top would have 35 likes (as in, “got ya”) and mine at the bottom would have 2. I’ve gotten a lot more selective about who and where I comment. I like to help but it is frustrating as all get out when it’s not returned.

    1. Totally.. one group has the one thread for the first 12 bloggers and the comments must be at least 35 words and be 3 full sentences.. at first it was good and awesome, but new people have hopped in and are slackers. Like if I have to take a hour out of my day to comment a real comment, it’s not gonna kill you to do it in return. lol

  23. I completely agree with your post. I do try to leave a well thought out reply. I will admit that I have left short replies before. There is nothing more impressive to me than to have someone leave a reply that consists of more than one sentence. It’s lovely.

  24. I am sitting here laughing and I totally agree. If I don’t have time to read blog posts that day then I don’t sign up to have comments put on my blog posts. I always READ the blog, heck half of the time i am like oh that was truly interesting!

  25. LOL… this is great and so true. I know I probably have been guilty of doing this now and then, but for the most part, I do try to leave one full sentence that pertains to what I just read. Now, I am going to be sure that I put a little more effort in the couple of groups that I am in. Thank you for reminding me that we are all here to help each other as a community.

  26. I think that there are a lot of visitors who just read the post, learn points from it, and then move to another site. They are ones who don’t like posting comments. Maybe some of them feel shy and have nothing to contribute. Anyway, sometimes I feel the same way when receiving short comments and those that don’t make any sense.

  27. Haha, this post made me smile. Pretty sure that all bloggers of any genre can relate to this! I feel like, if you have nothing to say other than “cool”, “nice pics” or “i like turtles”, then you probably shouldn’t even be commenting at all! 🙂

  28. For real, though. If you’re going to write a short comment, just don’t comment. And if can’t come up with anything, then you shouldn’t join the commenting threads. Also, I have a travel blog, and every once in a while I do a round-up of things to do in a certain area. Then some dumb person always comes and says, “Oh but don’t forget _____ in New York!” when I clearly wrote about it in the post. I just don’t understand! P.S. I was really wanting you to ask a question at the end of this post just to see the irony.

  29. This is amazing. You hit the nail right on the head. The worst is just a comment of a smile or sad face. Why bother even wasting the time to do that? I don’t delete comments but those I consider. If someone is going to waste the time I let them look silly, but I’m sure it doesn’t look good. So I may consider deleting. This is a really great, honest and to the point post! I love it.

  30. Well said and it’s exactly what I have been struggling with as well. I love all visits and comments but there is one person that writes the same comment on each of my posts which is… “huh, this makes sense.” That’s it, the entire comment in it’s entirety. I don’t approve her comments and just shake my head when I see it waiting for approval in my dashboard.

    1. That’s some poop. I would be pissed.. call them out (tag em) if they’re on facebook. People think they can seriously just do as they please and not put the work into it. People want traffic and people coming to their site, but don’t want to put the work into it. It’s a 2 way street, both parties have to work together or it won’t work.

  31. I want to reply to the comments that are like that on my blog like “What did you try to say?” But I don’t want to be rude, nor get the wrong image of me sent out there. I don’t get how people can’t proof read their comments, especially on someone else’s blog. I can see it when they type up their own post – but it’s just really annoying when it doesn’t pertain to the blog post you’ve just written, not completed sentences, or like you said a bunch of words spewn out OR copy the person’s comment above theirs (and the person above hasn’t read the post so 2 comments in a row are completely innacurate).

    I wanted to blog about this too, but I didn’t and I’m not sure that I will.

    Lol at the last line 😉

  32. I just recently realized that people leave comments on other blogs to get traffic. Something I never knew. and I do also partake in comment threads sometimes. I NEVER approve one that seems fake or if its obvious they didn’t read my post. Its the ones that say ” thank you for sharing” that is a red flag for me.

  33. oh I so know what you mean, there times when I am going through comments on my posts and I am think what in the lord’s name is this person talking about? Do you ever get.. Thanks for sharing… That is an awesome post… nothing more? well I get pissed off ofcourse the post is awesome i wrote it and i want you to interact with me in what i talked about not how awesome the post is add something after the awesome part so i get the illusion you actually read my post lol. I think i will be deleting comments that have nothing to do with the post.

  34. I share your frustration. It is so annoying to get spam comments or to get meaningless comments. My spam blocker nearly stops all real spam comments (you know those ones that start talking about diet pills, gambling sites, how to make money with your blog … blablabla) so I do not really have to bother about those ones. The other ones I hate are the ones that just say awesome or beautiful and the third category I really hate is the ones that just want to leave their link.

  35. I know what you mean. I see half-fast (lol) comments on a few of my blog posts, and I see the most random things when people are commenting on a Facebook post…sometimes, the comments make absolutely NO SENSE whatever. I will ‘hide’ those because it’s ridiculous to leave them there just to have a comment. When I do comment, I eight out of 10 times read a post, and type my response in Word as I come across points or comments that I don’t want to forget. When I’m done, I then copy/paste.

  36. Way to call out the lazy! I agree with you. If you aren’t going to comment correctly, then don’t do it. Spam is a whole other ballgame though. I don’t get why I get so many spam comments. STOP!

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