4 Healthy Choices While Working Fulltime with Lean Pockets

I thought being a stay at home mom and taking care of the blog was tough. Trying working a full-time job outside the house, being a single mom and taking care of this blog is like 3 full-time jobs. Crazy right? I work normally second shift at McDonald's, on those days I normally eat at work. Eating healthy while working in fast food is hard to do, here's 4 Healthy Choices While Working A Full-Time Job with Lean Pockets!   #1 Drinks LOTS of Water! Working in the hot kitchen, … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Banana Rice Cakes w/Honey

I wanted a healthy snack one day and I already knew that rice cakes are great light snack. But I know what you're thinking, how can you make this cardboard NOT taste just like cardboard. (I said the same thing, haha). So what do I do when I need a yummy recipe? I go to Pinterest and hope to goodness that I don't get sucked into the black hole of Pinterest. With that said, that's when I found this totally addicting peanut butter banana rice cakes drizzled with honey. When I made these for … [Read more...]

Cauliflower Grilled Cheese Sandwich | #NationalGrilledCheeseDay

Did you know that April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day? I didn't know that was a thing. The things you learn via trending on Twitter. Here's my attempt at the cauliflower grilled cheese sandwich, first seen on The Iron You. For the record that site has some amazing food, it makes me super hungry, so you're welcome in advance! Who doesn't love grilled cheese sandwiches? Like, they're crazy right!?! So I was chilling on Pinterest, because that's what I like to do when I am bored at 3 … [Read more...]

18 Healthy Snacks You Need In Your Life

To snack or not to snack, that may be the problem. Healthy snacking improves overall health, curbs cravings, fights weight gain, regulates mood, boosts brain power and gives you the energy you need to keep going all day. Many snacks provide calories, saturated fat, sugar or salt and are low in important nutrients. If you prefer to eat "small and often", remember that the "small" is usually more important than the "often". A healthy snack generally has about 60-100 calories – about what you'd get … [Read more...]

Easy Oven Baked Bacon Ranch Chicken

Having chicken is always a favorite in our house. My kids eat chicken like it's going out of style, so I always try to come up with fun ways to change it up, no one likes the same thing every night. One of my favorite things to do is rolling chicken in cracker crumbs. So when RITZ bacon flavored became I thing, I knew I had to try some oven baked bacon ranch chicken. It works with any kind of crackers - any flavors. I'm a lover of anything bacon, when it's cooking - it legit smells like … [Read more...]