7 Common Shaving Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Not one of my favorite task when it comes to health and wellness, but shaving is simple self care for yourself. But the following shaving mistakes are pretty common, heck I’m guilty of some of them, not anymore! I also signed up for Harry’s free trial, so I can just get razors shipped to the house, so I don’t have to worry about always looking for a razor with all the headaches that come with them. Mistake​: Not prepping the skin/hair appropriately. A splash of water won’t do the trick. Over prepping can also be problematic. If you have a

Lice Treatment Preventer & Removing Kits | Lice Clinics of America

The one thing no parent wants to hear is the word, LICE! Finding the right lice treatment can be hard, but look no further, I found two amazing products from Lice Clinics of America, a lice preventer and lice removing kits that get rid of lice within a 10 day period. A common mistake that people make is that lice only like dirty hair, which is false. Head-to-head contact lets the lice crawl from one head to another head. The lice do not care whether the person has squeaky-clean hair or dirty hair. The lice are looking for human blood, which they need to survive. Sharing combs, brushes,

Healthy Eating Tips for Movie Go-ers This Holiday Season

During the holiday season, a great go-to for families, couples, or even by yourself is movie-going! With the variety of options for snacks at movie theaters staying healthy can be no easy task. Jacob Bustos, chef and author, would love to provide your readers/viewers with the top 5 tips on what to stay away from while at the movies and provide alternative options so you can still snack and enjoy your flick! Bustos beat his battle with morbid obesity and has set out to make a positive impact on people through healthy food choices, alternative snack options, and education you on

Eight Great Healthy Tips To Fight Holiday Weight Gain

With Christmas on the horizon, the season of overindulgence will soon be here. But don’t fret! You can keep your healthy habits from now until the new year while still enjoying yourself. See these simple healthy tips for avoiding temptation and fueling your brain and body this holiday season. Fill up on fiber and protein rich foods: When you go to a party look for the veggies, beans, and lentils, and lean protein foods like eggs, chicken, turkey, grass fed beef, and pork. Vegetables have fiber that will fill you up and nutrients you need to thrive. Eat less fried foods, processed

Smart Strategies for Enjoying the Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight

The holiday season is among us, at this point we have given up on our goals for the year or we’re actually sticking to them. If trying to enjoy the holiday season without gaining weight, this post is for you. I’ve been trying to maintain and lose weight throughout the year and I found all of these great tips work throughout the whole year, not just during the holiday season. 7 Smart Strategies for Enjoying the Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight 1. Pregame: If you skip meals or snacks during the day to “save up” for a holiday party, you

6 Eating Tips & Lifestyle Habits to Help Keep Anxiety Away

Anxiety and depression are unfortunately on the rise, not only in adults but children and teens as well. Certain medication may help keep anxiety under control, however many want to find more natural ways to deal with anxiety. Below are 6 eating tips and lifestyle habits to help keep anxiety level away. Whether you’re stressed about the upcoming holiday season, or face day-to-day anxiety, here’s tips could help ease your anxiety. [If you’re asking yourself what is anxiety? read here first] Load up on Antioxidants: Antioxidants seem to be the buzz word these days, claiming to help everything from inflammation