First Trip To The Children’s Museum of Alamance County

Being that I grew up in Graham, NC for half of my life. I like to think of Graham as “home”, when going back “home” means Graham. Graham is in between Durham & Greensboro, NC. Right off the interstate, next to Burlington. Still don’t know where it is? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Graham, is a great place to live, great people, I do love my home town. A few years ago, they added a Children’s Museum. We have been to the one in Greensboro a few times, but this one is like ten times better than that one I think. Children’s Museum of Alamance County is located at 217 South Main Street in Graham.


My parents have the “grandparent” membership where it’s good for 5 people. At the the we went, Jacob was under 1 still, so he was free, so I just paid the $5 + tax for me and the other 3 kids are on my parent’s membership for a year. There’s a fee to add more kids if needed to the plans you already have. There’s also a family package, single parent package and a caregiver’s package. There’s also group rates! Now for the awesome stuff inside, there’s not enough hours in the day to play with all the stuff they had in there. When you first walk in there’s a little gift shop, the kids loved it, because they had my little ponies, the girls went crazy about that. There’s a few books really awesome. The first section of awesomeness was the Construction Zone. There’s these big building form blocks, they’re really sturdy as well. The kids love that section. It looks something like this. It looks a bit different, but just so you get the feel of what it has. Those blue blocks are awesome! The kids were building a castle of some sorts.


Then the next section of the Children’s Museum would be a mix of a Doctor’s Office, Hospital’s Baby Nursery, Dental Office & Lab Corps. In the dental section they have this huge mouth where you can brush the teeth. Hannah did that, she enjoyed it. In the Baby Nursery section aka Alamanace Regional (Where I had Hailey, actually) Anyways, there were 2 little girls in there taking care of all the baby dolls, pretty sweet. In the lab section, there was a brain section, Hannah called it the Zombie corner, lol. Indeed she did! They also had a bunch of stuffed toys of bacteria & viruses. Jacob was walking around with the mad cow disease one. They only had a few viruses there, but if you check the actually site, you can get them for just about everything.


From there the Children’s Museum had a open area with tables for any hands on crafts. At one point the kids were making bracelets with beads, there had this kinetic sand, which FYI is the coolest sand ever. There was a few tables for all kinds of hands on crafts, little toys, building stuff. Of course at that point, Jacob felt the need to throw all of it in the floor after everything was nicely put away. At that point it was getting close to closing time. They had this circle clear room in the middle of the Children’s Museum, I’m guessing it’s made of glass, but I really have no clue. It’s for painting. In the middle of the room there’s a drain, every like 30 minutes they will come in there, wash all the paint off and let the kids color all over the walls again, really cool. There was a beanstalk too, the kids climbed all the way to the top of it. It was netted with heavy duty wires so there wouldn’t be any falling off or out of it.


On the back section of the Children’s Museum there was a cafe, Hannah is all about play food and play kitchen, she spent most of her time there. There was also a farmer’s market and post office. Which my dad thought was super cool because he works for the USPS. There was a train station that had a train table up. Very cool, once again Jr & Hannah liked it there. Next to the Train Station there was the Quilting Area. There used to be a few factories around Graham. So in the quilting section, they had those old school looms, you know the ones we used to make potholders from. They had a bucket of them, so I sat there and made one. I had a few kids walk up to me, asked if I worked there, I was like no, just there with my kids and they wanted to learn how to make them. So I sat there for like 30 minutes teaching about 5 kids how to do it. That was pretty awesome.  They all wanted to keep what they made, but I told them they couldn’t I mean. I wanted to keep mine too, which I may just buy my own on amazon and teach the kids the finer things in life.


Overall the kids didn’t want to leave, cant say I wanted to either. One of the best Children’s Museum I’ve been to so far! If you’re ever in the area or live near by, I suggest you check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I love Children’s Museum and we hang out at them in nearly every state we live. This looks like a great one for sure. Thanks for sharing…

  2. This place looks great. There’s no shortage of fun to be had by the little ones, that’s for sure.

  3. That looks like a great place to take the kids. We have one here that I want to take my daughter to.

  4. Wow, there is a TON to do at that museum! I think it’s really cool that you taught a group of kids to loom. Old school fun indeed!

  5. Wow! Looks like a great place to take the kids! We definitely need something like that in CT!

  6. This place looks cute and it also looks like a great place to take kids to.

  7. What a fun looking museum. We have a children’s museum here, but I have never been to it.

  8. $5! What a great deal for a childrens museum! Glad you’re enjoying it

  9. That is so neat that they have a Farmer’s Market. =) We have a museum here but is nothing like where you went. I know my kids would love visit one like that, that’s a pretty good price to for admission.

  10. The price is very worth the experience and all the fun the children would have in this museum. It’s a great venue for everyone to learn new stuff as well.

  11. Looks like a great hands on museum. They look like they have a great range of activities for different age groups too.

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  15. They have a lot of activities for kids and also a lot of educational stuff here too. It’s no wonder that the kids didn’t want to leave the area even after the visit.

  16. This looks like an amazing place. I know that my son would love it.

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  20. These kinds of places are fun. Our son went to one in Lincoln when he was all about play food and he had a blast! Looks like your experience was just as fun. 🙂

  21. It looks like a lot of fun for the kids. This looks a lot like the Children’s Museum we have in our little tiny city. It was started by an old art teacher I had when I was in school. Thanks for sharing

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