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1Let’s begin with the fact, that I hate reading, always have, it gives me a headache and makes me tired. I don’t know why, just reading books do that. Okay, with that out of the way. I like to say, I LOVED this book, Dating the Wrong Men. I laughed, I sighed, I said to myself.. “Yep, dated one of those as well..” or “Yep, I can totally relate..” Hell it got to the point I pulled out my highlighter that comes with little bookmarks, yea, that’s serious right! I bookmarked all of them that applied to my last relationship. So when I have a bad day and I think to myself those, “What Ifs..” that all women (or most) do with past failed relationships. What could you have done to changed the way things turned out. Well you can’t.. sometimes you just date or even marry the wrong person. Doesn’t how hard you try to make it work, the facts are there, it just won’t work out in the favor you wanted it too.

Jumping into a relationship as you would a quick candy isle purchase might you nothing but buyer’s remorse. – Dating the Wrong Men

The book, Dating the Wrong Men, was written by Kelli Rossi. Dating the Wrong Men is a book based on relatable stories of dating the wrong men. More of a.. “It’s okay girl, you’re not alone, we
3have all dated…..that kind before.” Whether it’s the user, the asshole, the liar, the wrong friend, the cheater, the married men, and many more. But the thing is, this book just isn’t for women, men could totally read this as well. The same types go for women as well. You can be single, married, anyone and everyone needs to read a book like this. Either because, you know you can relate.. Better yet, it can be a, “What not to act like in a relationship. haha! Legit though..

This has left a dating pool filled with “Wrong Men” that women of all ages have to swim through.

– Dating the Wrong Men

In my 28, almost 29 years of life.. I’ve dated at least one guy in life who is at least one of these, some ex lovers are more than one. Most recently, I’m going through a divorce. For many different reason, we won’t go into it now. Most of you already know if we’re friends or at least facebook friends, lol. I’ve lived and loved to say the least. But the one thing, I’ve learned in life is to.. LEARN FROM YOUR PAST! With that said, if you date someone who uses you, beats you down emotionally, mentally, they’re not worth it. They are not worth your love and time anymore. I guess, it’s

kinda nice that I’ve had more of the ‘wrong guys’ means, I know what I don’t want again. Thought I’ve dated more guys I met off the internet, but then they ended being one of the other types of guys, lol.

I set on a mission to define exactly what I needed in my perfect partner, then break the pattern that has been instilled in my head. – Dating the Wrong Men

4My ex once said to me, “I haven’t had that relationship yet.. I haven’t made that mistake yet..” talking about dating the wrong type of people, when everyone around you can tell you you’re dating the wrong person, 9 out of 10 times, they’re normally right. I know you’re my ex, but I’m trying to help you. Because I’ve dated someone like that before. But hey, if it’s lessons you want to learn from, go for it.. I could of saved you some time and a lot of money.. Because I was his first relationship, first love, first… yeah let’s just say, 9 years later.. Gone, while we have both moved on. He’s just another chapter in my confusing book called, LIFE.

The fact Kelly was able to find her prince after all of the crappy relationships, gives me hope that there is someone out there for me who will love me for me and not treat me like the guys have in
the past. I got hope, but that dangles on a string.

Information About Rossi

Kelly Rossi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Southern Oregon University. At 25 years old, Rossi began her first graphic design and marketing firm. In the late 2000s, she was known for the creation of popular event and entertainment websites in the Portland, Oregon area. Through her business and personal life, her strong faith is her guiding factor in all she does. For six years, Rossi was a member of the Rotary International, of which she is a Past President of the Tigard Breakfast Club. She is currently the Online Marketing Director for the Maloof Companies. Rossi lives in Las Vegas, NV and Sherman Oaks, California. After spending more than twenty years of dating the wrong men, Rossi finally found her prince. They got married in October 2014.

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Dating the Wrong Men: The Misadventurer’s Guide Through Bad Relationship Choices is available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s Books.

Disclosure: Kelly Rossi supplied me with a copy of Dating the Wrong Men in exchange for a honest review.

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12 thoughts on “Dating The Wrong Men Book

  1. Wow what an interesting book! That title with the picture really engages you to read more. Your review and personal story in relation to the book are excellent, it makes me want to read the book! I will definitely check this one out. The author also seems quite interesting and quite accomplished as well, what a great happy ending that she found her prince. What great inspiration for a book!

  2. What a shame that you hate reading, great that this book was one which you managed to finish though. It sounds quite interesting and humorous too. I have to admit I’ve only had three serious relationships in my life, one I’m currently in and I’m still quite friendly with my ex’s so I always look at them as not the wrong men but men who came into my life to teach me a lesson. I might have to give this book and read though and see what it’s all about. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the sound of this book – although I can’t believe you hate reading! Maybe you are just reading the wrong books! I would love to read and relate different partners to the descriptions, I’ve made so many mistakes in my past it would be good to get some affirmation that I wasn’t alone. I hope that you find your perfect partner, everyone deserves to be loved and cherished.

  4. Oh I love to read! I’ve never heard of this before but I’d definitely be interested in reading it. I think every girl finds several Mr. Wrong’s before finding the right one.

  5. I really think I would love to read this book so that I can help the teenage and college girls at our church with the men problems that they come to me with. I don’t know that I have ever had a broken heart. I have always gone for a really really long run after break ups. However, after being married to my husband for two years, together for six years I can honestly say my heart was never ever in love this much. I hope every girl out there finds the love that I have found. Your heart will be so full when you do. It is a completely different feeling. Try to be positive each time you heart is broken. Don’t be down, it was for all the right reasons. God has someone better in store for you.

  6. Isn’t it funny on the other side of a relationship? You never know what you’re doing until it’s over and you can say “oh yea, he sucked!” I never realize it when I’m IN the relationship…only after. I’m luckily married to my other half, but all my friends are still single. I need to win this book for one of them!

  7. I’m like you I don’t like to read, books at least. Short magazine stories, blogs or anything I can read in about 10 minutes. I guess I have ADD. Anyway, this looks like a fun book to read. I’ve dated plenty of idiots of all kinds. I got lucky at 29 and found the right man. He’s still a pita sometimes, but he’s my pita and the fact that we’re still together after almost 25 years, makes me really happy. I entered the giveaway and would love to read this book. Thanks for the offer.

  8. This sounds like a book that I need to read. Despite the fact that I am only 24 it seems as though all I have been dating is the wrong men. I may have to purchase this book for myself.

  9. Dating is such a tricky adventure, and it’s different for everyone. I’ve met a lot of gems in my dating experiences…like the compulsive liar (for no reason at all…why would you lie that you have a child…isn’t it usually the other way around?); the stalker; and the I-just-recently-discovered-this-new-religion-and-I-can-see-you-when-you’re-sleeping nutjob (true story). I do believe that there’s someone (or two or three) people out there for everyone. Glad to hear you found a book that doesn’t give you a headache!

  10. I loved this book. I’ve read it too and it was such a great read. The author was so genuine and humorous and heartfelt. It is so true that you have to kiss so many frogs to find your prince or princess.

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