Divorce, Distrust & A Spying App – Story of My Life

Trust is everything in a relationship. It begins with little gestures of love and support and aggrandizes over the time when both partners make life decisions, takes each other’s consent and show transparency with every facet of their lives. Does being very close to someone, like your partner, means no concept of privacy? Well, I never believed in that and I still don’t! I was married to someone that I truly loved from my heart and the first year of my married life. It was out of the books—a beautiful real-life fable.

Divorce, Distrust & Spying with Xnspy App – Story of My Life

Getting loved irrevocably and unconditionally, there’s nothing better than that. Your expectations skyrocket. You are on Cloud 9 all the time. All those stupid love terms totally make sense. I was divorced for the wrong reason. I was left by him, out of guilt, when my alleged unfaithfulness was never proven and rather he was caught spying on me with a stealth cell phone spy software.

Divorce, Distrust & Spying with Xnspy App – Story of My Life

Where it went wrong I was a senior editor for an online magazine. We were doing great; our readership was growing and so were we. 2 years back, we were hit by a crisis when one of the writer’s mistake almost cost me my job. I wasn’t fired immediately, I knew that it was coming. This feeling of starting all over again with some new company started scavenging on my sanity.

It’s when my husband and family got in the backseat for a while. With all the stress building up, it was tough for me to be normal – to be that same person that I was. Because we were so close to each other, he was failing over and over again to provide that space I wanted. So I had to start pretending that there was nothing wrong. It didn’t work out.

I never told Jason anything about my job because I wasn’t really fired. There was even a possibility that I may not get fired. So that enigma further aggravated what I was going through. I would recklessly stay glued to my phone, awaiting hateful emails from my boss. Or trying to reach out other colleagues, asking them if they knew anything about what was going to happen.

My obsession with my phone was presumed to be something else. He suspected I was having an affair because I was clung to my cell phone all the time. I never knew when it all went so anomalous for him that he started mistrusting me. It wasn’t me but him who took it all wrong. He spied on me using a spying app for cell phone. But by the time I knew that it was already over for us.

Divorce, Distrust & Spying with Xnspy App – Story of My Life

He had installed the app on my phone for months. All those conversations that I was having with my boss, he was able to read them but without understanding the context because probably, he wasn’t reading them all, or maybe, he was reading each one of them and took a wrong meaning out of it. He never said anything. He kept on assuming things and I was too busy in my falling world that I never sensed there was something wrong going around me.

It’s my fault that I never discussed anything with him, but he never asked me either about work. One day, Jason had enough and I received the divorce papers. His reason, he just didn’t love me anymore. There was no complains, questions, nothing at all. I had no reason left to stay with him after that. For me love is all that binds two bodies and souls in a knot. Without love, the knot unities itself. The divorce finally happened and we moved on. Then one day, something happened—it’s when I had my epiphany. 

Divorce, Distrust & Spying with Xnspy App – Story of My Life

My smartphone was malfunctioning, so I had to drop it to an IT store. The next day, I received a call that my phone was fixed and they found the problem. I never anticipated what was coming my way. The IT expert who fixed my phone found a stealth cell phone spy software on my phone. My husband used a spying app on me all this time with an app called xnspy.

Xnspy, an app that anyone can use to spy on others’ cell phones. Even though this had to be illegal, I actually contacted xnspy and asked their Support team why they let my husband spy on me. They said he bought the app from them pretending he was going to monitor our son’s phone.

The data they receive is encrypted, they can never figure it out. I finally realized that it’s not some spying app for phone to blame but my husband, who spied on me and then to avoid blowing his cover about spying, he left me, silently. Could there be anything more unfortunate than a misunderstanding ruining your life? I don’t think so!

Divorce, Distrust & Spying with Xnspy App – Story of My Life

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  1. Such a hard time due to bad technology and a lack of communication.

  2. Wow. I had no idea anything like this existed.


  3. There’s a scary side of technology. So much to be careful of.

  4. ladymagnolia99 says:

    This is really a scary concept!!

    Judy Cox

  5. Sherrie Cruson says:

    Wow that was tough to read and such an unfortunate ending. I would bet these spying apps have caused many misunderstandings in relationships and breakups. So sad.

    • I totally agree, the company that share the post brought a very touchy topic up. I thought it was worth the share, so people know what’s out there.

  6. Feel bad for those who have been through this. I rather be single with my dog.

  7. I have mixed feelings about this. In the world we live in, technology like this could keep a teenager from harm…especially from predators. Thank you for the post.

  8. I’d say good riddance to that husband of yours. A marriage is based on trust. If he had the audacity to spy on you and then divorced you when you weren’t even having an affair he wasn’t worth keeping. You will find someone else who will love you and not do something like putting spying spyware in your phone. It’s not the technology’s fault-it’s his.

  9. I would call him a cad.

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