15 Things That Make Me Happy | #Happiness

Happiness | 15 Things That Make Me Happy

I choose to be happy! Once you’re able to love yourself, you can find happiness within. If you asked me a year ago what made me happy. I’m not sure I could think of something besides my kids (of course). For so many years, I always was the people pleaser, I would bend over backwards to make people happy. But deep down, it wasn’t making me happy. So when a friend asked me, “what are your goals for 2016?” I said, “to be happy..” Sounds cheesy.  To be happy is just that. To find happiness in the little things. While life not not be going how you plan. You have to look at the bigger picture. You have to look at what makes you happy. I’m emotionally in a better place than I was a year or the last 5 years. I’ve learn to find TRUE happiness, it’s within yourself.


Happiness is…

Finding extra cash laying around.

Fresh clean sheets on the bed.

When you find out your divorce is final.

Coming back to your bed after a vacation or trip.

Dancing with yourself in your room.

When your favorite song comes on in the shower.

Road trips with friends

A weekend full of Netflix bingin’

Late night Sheetz run
Sheetz Run

Praising God.

Watching your favorite sport team (Go Redskins!)

Realizing you got no plans, so you can sleep in.

Listening to your favorite music

Photoshopin’ some graphics

Eating your favorite bowl of ice cream.

What makes you Happy?

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10 thoughts on “15 Things That Make Me Happy | #Happiness

  1. Love this post!! These are things that make me happy..
    My daughter and (almost) everything she does
    Blaring music while I do housework
    Bunny cuddles
    A clean kitchen
    Watching my shows
    Talking to friends
    Talking to friends about my shows
    When I can make someone else smile
    When my favourite band notices me on Twitter

  2. The newest thing in my life that makes me happy is : In September, I became Nonna (Italian for Grandmother) to the most precious little girl. Just holding her and watching her sleep makes me happy.

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