Jonas Blizzard : Snow Packed Weekend | #WeekendRecap

Let’s just say if I got to choose I was going to be snowed in with, it would be at home, so I can lay in my warm bed all weekend. I love my family and all, but family is good in small doses. Was anyone else snowed in this weekend? Or still snowed in. I know we got about 30 inches in Northern VA, right outside Washington DC.

Jonas Blizzard

My sister and I tried to leave on Friday, but that failed. As soon as the 16 wheeler in front of us fishtailed, she decided we should turn around and just stay at my sister’s house. Not thinking it would be that bad. I mean, they have told us we’re getting a lot of snow before and we get nothing. Well, this time was like the whole winter all at once, in one weekend. Legit. 30 inches of snow. No thank you!

Jonas Blizzard

So we got to my sister’s house and it just started there. We decided to go to the store it was kinda crazy. There was more than just milk, bread and eggs gone. Ice cream of all things, lol. Lots of the produce was gone too. This was just the local Safeway. In actual DC stores were bare. It’s crazy. I didn’t know it was gonna be that bad, you know.

The last time we got this much snow, actually it was MORE than this much was in 2010. We lived in Maryland at that point, I was working at Sheetz then, while John was in the Army. He didn’t go to work for 2 weeks. There was no school for 2 weeks. You know what DOESN’T close due to back o back blizzards? SHEETZ! haha I walked to work during a blizzard (sideways snow) because I was on call to work. So I did, of course no one ever showed up. Because you were told not to go out. But yea, good times. We had 9ft snow drift in our front and back yards. That was fun to shovel. NOT.

Point being, we haven’t seen that much snow in awhile. But in NC they only had 4-5 inches of snow, they had more sleet/ice than actually snow. If they had what Northern VA had, oh this would be 10x worst, they don’t know what to do with 30 inches of snow. They were out of school for 5 days for 5 inches of snow and ice. Just think what it would be with more.

Jonas Blizzard

Needless to say, I slept, binge Netflix, and made graphics for the 5 extra days I was stuck in VA. I also went to the mall with my niece and her friends. It was nice to get out of the house. Like cabin fever started to kick in. When we finally got my sister’s cars out on Sunday. My sister had this crazy headache so bad she couldn’t do anything, so we didn’t leave until Tuesday, thank God though. So that was my weekend.


Anyone else get snowed in this past weekend?

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  1. Wowzers, that’s a lot of snow! So far, knock on wood, we haven’t had a bad snowstorm yet this year.

  2. Karen Glatt says:

    I saw where you got tons of snow. But we did not get anything near what you got. But in 2008, we had the worst snowstorm ever. 24 inches in 24 hours. An inch an hour. It was just horrible!

  3. Christina B. says:

    I wish we had snow like that! I just moved from Florida to Texas…still no snow! Sounds like a perfect way to spend snow days!

  4. Sorry to hear you got stuck in a blizzard. It’s happened to me before.

  5. Tracy DeLoach says:

    I’ve lived in Florida all my life and I just can’t imagine going through something like that. I did spend one week at Christmas in Nebraska everything was white but nothing at all like this. Glad you survived.

  6. Living in Tennessee we rarely (however, it has happened) get this much snow.

  7. Jessica Cox says:

    We have been snowed in a lot this winter not that bad but still bad that my kids have missed over a week of school. Thank God I have a kindle or I would have lost my mind

  8. Lots and lots of snow! This makes me glad that we moved to the South, where it maybe, MAYBE, snows once a year lol.

  9. Looks like the North West experienced another Ice Age!!

  10. Not yet. We really haven’t got as much snow as I heard we would get, but then again, winter is not quite over yet!

  11. Hannah C says:

    Now that is a lot of snow! It looks incredible. Although I’m sure it’s not fun getting snowed in, the snow is very beautiful. I’ve seen snow but not like this. Here in Washington it just rains all the time. I don’t think I’ve actually witnessed a blizzard before.

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