L is for Loving Your Body

 tumblr_n402jd0bcp1twvqh5o1_400Guilty as charged.

Who am I to talk about loving one’s body, all sizes.. when I don’t, but I’m working on it. I used to be the girl who could eat whatever she wanted, didn’t have to worry about anything. Then I had kids.. no wait, it’s not even the kids, it’s because I got on the depo shot after Jr (which NEVER get that birth control). I had all the side effects, except heart attack & death.. seriously.. needless to say, it made me gain 50 lbs!!?! That alone was bad. When I got down like 20 lbs from that, I got pregnant with Hannah. Almost hitting 300 while pregnant with Hannah. I lost another 60 lbs, then got pregnant with Jacob! I can’t win, once again almost hitting 300 again. Is a pain in the buns!! Now I’m in between of breastfeeding, insomnia & eating because I don’t sleep. I can’t do any arm workouts (because i fractured my arm). I did however do some leg workouts at the gym. I just need to go out there (the gym in the back building). first I lost that 60 lbs, I was just walking & doing YouTube workout videos. Which there’s no place to really go “walking” I live in the middle of the country off of a build road without sidewalks. But I can do laps in the back yard. Getting off topic. After having kids, that can really do some damage in the way your body looks. If you’re one of those mom’s who never had that problem. You suck! haha not really, but you’re lucky! Otherwise you know exactly what I’m talking about, the pouch, the fat that just doesn’t go away. I had some bad months.. of just not eating, bad habits, bad bad things. I regret every doing. But I’m working on that as well. Another problem I had a problem with… self worth.. I basically just handle my pain & depression with food, it became a habit. Something I could depend on, something that didn’t judge me. Food made me happy. I’ve been working on that.  You can’t let someone else love your body, until you love it yourself. You should be happy, if you’re happy, you’re one step ahead of the others who try to bring you down. I want to love my body again, like I once did. I hope to blog about it as well. If someone wants to be my blogger partner on weight lose, message me. I’m all for having someone to do it with.

Note to self:

You are beautiful.
You are intelligent.
You are sweet.
You are funny.
You are creative.
You are generous.
You are worth a lot.
You don’t need other people to exist.
You don’t need alcohol and drugs to feel.
You matter.


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30 thoughts on “L is for Loving Your Body

  1. Oh my, the battle with weight is so hard, even without kids. Loving your body is the first step. The second one is doing something about it, just like you do. I hope you can find enough time between insomnia, kids and eating for some physical exercises. You are beautiful!

  2. I don’t have kids.. I’ve just always struggled with weight. A lot of what you’ve said I can totally relate to. I’m always trying to work on myself also.. But I seem to never be happy. Depression does not make it easy, and I understand.

    I love your beautiful words at the bottom, and they made me smile.

  3. it’s interesting because a lot of people say “once I lose weight, i will have much better self esteem” but I actually don’t believe that’s true. I think if you are insecure, you will be insecure no matter what. You will always find something “wrong” with yourself. it takes strength to accept yourself as you are and know that you are wonderful and beautiful and special, and the good people in your life probably already know that – just as that quote at the top suggests. Of course, we can all strive to be better or different, but we still need to love ourselves along the way.

  4. This is a very powerful post to read because, as the infographic says, a lot of woman aren’t happy with their appearance among many other things. I will be the first to admit I’m an emotional eater as well-when I’m happy, I eat. When I’m sad, I eat. When I’m bored, I eat. It’s a habit I’m trying to break!

    I’ve found that actually getting in exercise boosts my mood so much! It also helps that I enjoy exercising but I do have those days I’m not really motivated or I have “too much to do.”

    Regardless having a positive attitude is definitely what makes things different and I LOVE those notes to self at the bottom of your post 🙂

  5. Yikes, never knew the shot could make you gain weight. Glad I don’t do birth control (just condoms).. didn’t want it messing up my reproductive system down the line. But yes, sometimes its hard to love our bodies when what we see in the mirror is not to our standards, but what is the standard? I am not petite by any means. I am 5’11, and wear a size 14/16… There’s no way I’ll ever fit into any size in the single digits and I’m okay with that.

    1. well everyone has different side effects, my sister was on it, it gave her some crazy side effects too.. I wish I just didn’t get BC at all.. havent trusted it since, but just got my tubes tied after my 4th, hopefully that solves the problem lol I’m 5’11 as well.. I’ll be happy with a 14/16, I honestly just want to get down to like 200. I’ll be happy at that. before kids I was 150, I looked so sick, I don’t want to get under 175, that’s how much i was when i got married. so anywhere from 175-200 I’ll be happy.

  6. yes, the fats that won’t go away and keeps getting bigger everyday! nonetheless, I still love my body with that bulges 🙂

    cheers to us! I want to join your weight loss journey 🙂

  7. Throwing off the pounds can be a nightmare, and I’m in it myself right now. Between the difficulty of finding fresh, healthy foods in my neighbourhood and desperately trying to find time to squeeze in some exercise, it’s a wonder I haven’t just turned into a tub of butter by now. 😛 Ah, but bit by bit, pound by pound it can be done.

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