Let’s Take A Break with Life | #Confessions

*breathe in, breathe out* Let’s Take A Break with Life – Confessions with Bella @ Dateless in Dallas. One of the few blogs I do stalk regularly, because let’s face it, her blog is amazing!

Let's Take A Break with Life | #Confessions

Confessions For The Week

1. These hours & all these days John has been working.. I wish he go back to his like 3-4 days off at a time, i mean come on, I need my nap day, I don’t get my nap day, if his ONE DAY OFF, he wants to be lazy, because he’s working like crazy.. Ugh

2. This damn arm. Why did I have to break it? You know how hard it is to do workouts, I have no strength in this arm right now, it hurts to do anything. like seriously. I didn’t get to “rest” it at all while in the splint, because I haven’t had any help, I can’t do ONE ARM. So annoying, maybe when I get a cast it will be easier, who freakin’ knows.

3. I miss having a job. I seriously do, like a legit.. leave the house job. I miss talking with adults, I miss grown-up conversations. I miss it all. I haven’t had a “job” in 3 years. I can’t stand this crap. On the other hand, with all the bad news about daycares lately, I don’t want my kids in those either, lol.. I guess I will just wait til all the kids are in school. So that means I have another 4 year.. Geez I can get a job when I’m 32! lmao

4. Since moving my blog, it’s so damn depressing. Seriously.. no views.. no comments.. everyone keeps saying, “we all started somewhere..” but seriously, you can’t say that shit when you have like 50K + anything.. that’s like me telling you, “wel all have kids sometime..” like STFU! Can I buy some blog views, so I can enter more sites.

5. What does a girl gotta do around here to get some comments. So freakin’ depressing! DE-press-ing. like dude.

6. I freakin’ love this show. I can watch this show all day, except I rather have Drew as the host!

Let's Take A Break with Life | #Confessions Let's Take A Break with Life | #Confessions
Let's Take A Break with Life | #Confessions Let's Take A Break with Life | #Confessions
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25 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Break with Life | #Confessions

  1. Oh dear… sounds like you’re not having a great time of it at the moment 🙁
    I can’t really empathise with you about life with so many kids as I don’t have any (it just never happened for us) so I’m lucky I have time to do pretty much anything (sorry don’t mean to rub it in!), but I do know what you mean about the lack of comments! If there’s anything I can to help, I will. I’ll start by following you wherever you are – like a crazy stalker woman 😉 I hope your day improves dramatically 🙂

  2. LOVE that show too. I can relate to almost everything in your post. LOL. I need a complaining day on my blog!

    1. I do confessions on Wednesday & Friday, haha that’s how bad it can be! lmao I need to find another linky party to do for Friday..

  3. Hang in there with the blog. Your words matter, and yeah, it’ll take some time for more comments and hits. I’ve been blogging for a while, and just started learning about social media. 🙂

  4. Well, joining the blog group made a great start. 🙂
    The way to get comments is to start your own “small army”, a group of friends (like Suzy here) that will like all you do. People tend to hang out where others are. Get the first few and the rest will follow.

  5. Lol, I felt this way when I started blogger. I kept think wtf am I doing I will never get views. I would keep track daily and get depressed. You just have to be positive about it. Everything will fall into place.

  6. I feel you on the comments thing. I looked at one of my posts from a year ago and I had 0 comments LOL. Now that’s a whole nother story. I think commenting on other blogs is key and you’ll start to see a change. Also doing link ups like the one you did for mine always helps 🙂

    Sorry about your arm! I hope you feel better! Also, Stella & Dot is hiring if you have ever thought about working on your own and getting awesome discounts on jewelry and accessories 🙂

    Thanks for linkin’ up!!

    1. I had like 1,000 comments before i moved domains, so it’s not like i didn’t have ANY comments, haha.. I will have to check out stella & dot, thanks!

  7. This made me chuckle. So much of this is applicable to me. Oh, and I have loads of posts with no comments – just much smaller in the UK, and working a full time job doesn’t free up much time to do even more than I’m already doing. Maybe I’ll just give up on sleep.

  8. I understand how you feel and I hope you get a piece of those “wants” for yourself so you’ll find relaxation and enjoyment.

    I like the guy’s quip “It’s time to upgrade!” Smart aleck guy hahaha.

    Have a nice day!

  9. is wayne brady back on television? i heard he just got married. to whom escapes me at the moment. Some celeb from what i recall.

  10. Oh, I don’t have kids yet, but my girlfriend has 3 daughters, so I can imagine how you feel and I’m also surprised that you have time at all for blogging. I suppose these are the relaxing moments for you. So keep up with it girl!

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