I like my wine glasses, Drama Free!


2Anyone with kids or animals know anything breakable in the house is basically a no-no! There’s no way to have a glass of any kind just sitting out. Same thing goes for adults after a few drinks, you can’t just pass out sippy cups to each adult, though that would be the next big thing to create, haha. That’s where these Taza Drama Free Wine Glass come in handy. These are no break, no fear, crystal clear, bpa free, dishwasher safe drinking cups! You don’t have to use these for alcohol, but because I’m adult and do adult things, I totally poured 3myself some hard cider (which is amazing by the way).  My only complaint would be, these look cheap, it doesn’t even look glass, very thin cheaply made, like they wouldn’t last long.  Otherwise, I love the Taza Drama Free Wine Glasses as a whole. Besides Taza Drama Free Wine Glass durability, what else makes them better than our plastic competitors? For starters, they use USA-made Eastman Tritan(tm) plastic, which is 100% BPA-free/EA-free and FDA-approved . They don’t believe that you should have to be worrying about yucky chemicals leaching into your drinks. They don’t have tolerance for that junk-and they don’t think you should, either. These shatterproof 16oz glasses allow you to enjoy your wine (or any drink) indoors or outdoors (think pool, patio, boat, campground, RV, etc).


Disclosure: Taza Drama Free Wine Glass brand provided me with a sample of 4 pack of wine glasses in exchange for a product review. All Opinions are my own.

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  1. I really like the concept of having a shatterproof wine glass that still looks nice. I am sick of my sweetie dropping or washing my wine glasses too hard…and they break.

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