March of Dimes 2014 ▬ Reston, VA | #WeekendRecap

We did it! I’m a proud owner of 6 March of Dimes walks under my belt. I’ve raised over $5,000 in 6 years. As a solo walker, that’s awesome! Didn’t do as well as I wanted this year, next year I’ll be ready. Going to do a lot more fundraisers that’s for sure. With that said. Here’s some pictures from the walk! First, the top walkers..

March of Dimes 2014 ▬ Reston, VAI believe was this family in the green shirts, I have in the one picture. They walked for their two baby girl twins who were born at 20 weeks, they weighed 9.2 oz & 9.7 oz.. Tiny tiny angels.. Once they all reached their sign during the walk.. they all broke down crying, taking pictures with the sign. It was truly heart breaking. I should of joined their team, to help them reach their goal. Except I made my own group in HOPES John would help raise money.. but NO, no he didn’t.. sigh.. Overall the walk was really good. Minus the blister on my toe I got & the top of my other foot, I have a pinched nerve.. oh and being out of shaped surely didn’t help the cause, lol.. next year I’ll be ready.. Before we started walking, we noticed they had “baby feeding/diaper changing” tents.. the other walks never had those.. so I was able to breastfeed Jacob before we started, which was really neat! Let me mention the fact, there’s at least 2,000 people walking.. and they had us all on small sidewalks, back paths, like they have behind apartments, definitely not made for strollers and large groups of people, lol..
March of Dimes 2014 ▬ Reston, VAAt the half way point, John took Jr, Jacob & Hannah.. and left me with Hailey.. They were 1.5 miles ahead of us.. like always.. oh well, I walk too slow, I surly wasn’t going to rush myself.  Should of brought some hiking shoes.. oh you know what I did forget.. SUNBLOCK! Pale people’s best friend!

I have to say of all the March of Dimes Walks, this one had the best food.. SUBWAY!! 6in subs for like 2000+ people INSANE! I had 2, they were that good.. or I was just that hungry. For the record, someone stole Mile #3 sign, so everyone was confused on that one. lol but WE DID IT! Food Time 🙂 Jacob has done 2 MOD Walks and he hasn’t even turned 1 yet! Okay time for some pain killers, because my back hurts more than it usually does.. and off to bed.. I forgot I’m going with Jr to school on Wednesday to the National ZOO in DC. YAY for more walking :/

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  1. Looked to me like you had a fun Day Natalie! A walkers best friend Subway! love those myself!

    I remember taking part in the BRMB Birmingham Walkathon 20+ years ago 3 times over 3 years, 24 miles walking what is known as the number 11 bus route!
    I did raise a lot for the UK Aids charity though.

    Talk about blisters though! It still goes on though but people these days are not up for the 24 miles I did! instead it’s now only 11 miles!

    All the best Natalie!
    – Phillip Dews

    • Natalie says:

      shoot I’ll take a 4.2 mile over 24 any day.. then again, I would have to be more fit like Franc to do a 24 mile haha

  2. What a great event. It is so awesome that you have raised that much money for March of Dimes.

  3. great cause …. keep walking into your dreams and leaning into them.

  4. What a wonderful charity! My husband used to play on a softball team that did fundraisers every year for the March of Dimes where they dressed up as women and played softball it was alot of fun!

  5. Congrats!! Good for you, it look like everyone had a nice day.

  6. That is awesome! 5k i really great.. but i agree with your husband, you should have practiced..

  7. I love the note to self! 🙂 Looks like a fun time had by all while doing something beautiful. Good job!!!

  8. Terrific charity and thanks for sharing, that looks really fun for babies and parents 🙂

  9. This is really healthy to go for a walk. It’s nice that a lot of people took part in the walk.

  10. Cool event! it’s for the whole family! My son loves to play lego and that’s a humongous tub of Lego!

  11. So cool of you to have participated in such a great cause! Bless you for doing it with all 4 kids too! :-0

  12. That is so awesome, Natalie! I can only imagine how far the $5000 you’ve raised has gone for the babies!

  13. So great that you completed this walk. I’m training for a 5K run at the end of the month which will probably be equal parts run and walk.

    • Natalie says:

      good luck with your run! I totally walked.. I was walking with an already sore foot.. so I’m just happy I finished..

  14. I love the advocacy behind March of Dimes and I wish we could do that here in the Philippines too..

  15. Oh my gosh I love the Lego Land!! What a great idea!!

  16. Awesome how much you have raised for March of Dimes!

  17. LOL… really? Did someone stote mile #3 board… haha

  18. Aisha Kristine Chong says:

    Seems like such a fun day! 😀 I wish I could take part to such event too

  19. Such a worthy cause for a walk! Yep, you should have practiced, but looks like you did a great job. I love Subway’s all-veggie subs!

  20. Oh jacob is so cute. And A good walk is Healthy

  21. Congratulations! Wow! I can’t believe your girls were 20 weeks! Strong mama! I’m sure you really had your hands full. This is very powerful.

  22. What an awesome activity! Glad you’re part of it. Well, healthy lifestyle should start with walking, i guess!

  23. The New Classy says:

    Congrats on the big walk and for helping the March of Dimes! Also, that sandwich looks yummy!

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