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I haven’t done a Music Monday in awhile, so let me start that up again.. I heard this on Pandora Radio the other night, kinda fell in love with the song.  The lyrics are pretty powerful and I don’t know about you, but I’ve been that girl at one point a few times.. :/ It’s really a great song, so I want to share Eric Paslay’s She Don’t Love You (She’s just lonely).

She Don’t Love You

She don’t love you, she’s just lonely
She wasn’t once upon a time
She used to dance when the band played
She used to be the trustin’ kind

She’s no stranger to the leaving
She’s heard all the best goodbyes
Fallin’ has a different meaning
To her, you’re just another guy

She don’t love you, she’s just lonely
She don’t know another way
To break free from what’s been broken
Too many cowboys roll away
So, forgive her if she’s distant
She can’t tell her heart to lie, no
You’ll never be her one and only
She don’t love you, she’s just lonely

You can hold her in the moonlight
You can give her all the stars
You can promise her forever
But you’ll never have her heart


She don’t love you
She don’t love you, she’s just lonely
She wasn’t once upon a time
I remember her in the sunlight
I remember her when she was mine

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  1. New to me to say the least, but it’s so very pretty. Thanks for the introduction to such a lovely melody. Also, thanks for joining us. Hope you had a great time and you’ll come back next Monday too. Our theme will be a freebie and you can Post anything you like. So sorry I’m late, but with putting away decorations and as slow as I am… well that’ll tell you the whole story LOL Okay let me go follow you now have a great night!

  2. I’ve never heard of this song or this artist. I like the song overall, but it seems like kind of a sad song. Then again, I don’t listen to a lot of country music and so I tend to think a lot of it either has a theme about sadness or drinking. Haha!

  3. I LOVE Pandora for finding and falling in love with new artists. And I love a great acoustic performance. Such a lovely song and beautiful melody. Thanks so much for sharing and introducing me to this great artist!!

  4. I’ve never heard of this song or artist before, but I love the lyrics – so beautiful. It makes a change to hear a song about a woman who can’t give her heart, it’s usually that we give our heart away too easily.

  5. I’ve never heard of this song. But I’ve heard of the artist. I have to say that I LOVE pandora. It’s my go to app when I’m running. I love the diversity. Thanks for sharing your Musical Monday 🙂

  6. Michelle Hwee says:

    What an interesting song. I never heard of it either, not completely in my favorite genre of pop but this is a great sounding song. I really like the lyrics and that you posted them with the YouTube video. What a great musical monday, that sounds like such a fun thing to do each week. Pandora is definitely awesome because it matches you up with random songs that you might actually love!

  7. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    I can’t listen to the song as I’m at work with no headphones but the lyrics look good. I’ve never heard of Eric Paslay before, I don’t think he’s too well know over here in Ireland. I’ve never listened to music via Pandora before, I have to check it out. Thanks for sharing this artist.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this. I haven’t heard it before but I’m sitting here at 4 am sipping on some coffee and listening to it now. The lyrics are really powerful and he has a really nice voice. I need to check out Pandora, thanks again for sharing.

  9. The video won’t play for me 🙁 It says “Unfortunately this video is not available in your country because it could contain music for which we could not agree on conditions of use with GEMA.” I’m in Germany. The lyrics are lovely though!

  10. I am not a big country music fan but I have to admit, I really enjoyed this song. There is nothing like a good ballad and country musicians do them so well.

  11. I absolutely love this song and he is amazing. I’m not sure what I would do without music in my life. I listen to music almost all the time it seems like. I like the idea of finding new music at least one a week!

  12. This is one of my favorite songs my Eric. thank you for reminding me how much i love it.

  13. Isn’t Pandora the greatest? I love how I’m introduced to new music every time I use the app. These lyrics are beautiful and sad. I love them! Artist sounds great too!!!

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