Must Have Kitchen Gadgets : Ice Ball Molds

The Ice Ball Molds is designed for making large perfectly round ice balls to make great looking drinks for parties and also is great for whiskey drinkers. The silicone ice ball molds come in a pack of 3 and include a silicone funnel in the pack. These ice ball molds come in a great clear tube packaging, with easy to follow instructions.


The funnel can be used to fill the molds without mess or spilling your choice of liquid, it is also very useful for other applications in the kitchen. The molds also have fill lines printed on them so that they can be easily filled with the correct amount of liquid.


The Ice Ball Molds are used these for whiskey drinks, but since the kids can’t drink whiskey, lol we added it kid-friendly drinks. Like we put cherries in one, added water, than dropped it into a cup of sprite. It tasted amazing. The kids favorite part was adding different kinds of fruit to each one.


We did bananas, cherries & strawberries. Added it to water, nice healthy snack! Now for the grownup crowd, we could easily add vodka or whatever to it, freeze it and add that to your already alcoholic drink. Maybe throw in some gummy bears. The creative ideas are endless really. My only suggestion is not to overflow it, the black lines at the top, don’t go pass that line, so it’s easier to open. If you’re still having issues, run the molds under hot water for a second, so it will release the ice balls. You can also just freeze just water, and it makes for a great water source for pets as well. I totally recommend this product, we’re gonna be ordering more.

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  1. That’s a cool product. I could make so many fun things with this!

  2. I keep seeing these, and think they are so cool! I need to find where I can get one of these closer to me!

  3. You could put anything in there- from fruit to herbs to flowers. very cute.

  4. Wow those are huge looking. I would have thought they were smaller. It would be neat for a party though.

  5. I love this for adding to a party theme. Such a cute idea.

  6. That’s an interesting idea. I really like to chew my ice though! This would be neat for putting flavored ice in drinks.

  7. I have the same one and I love it. The ice melts so slowly too so the drink stays cold longer.

  8. These would be great for so many different things! I can definitely see my husband using them for scotch.

  9. This would be good for tequila.. I can be sipping that by the pool.. I would do watermelon for my kids, since they love it..

  10. Such a cool product! I like that you can use for many different ways. I would love to have a set .

  11. I would they would look really pretty floating in a punch bowl. The possibilities really are endless for what you could put inside them.

  12. That looks like a really fun product for parties and such. I was thinking something more like circular ice cubes and when I saw the big ice balls so many other things came to mind!

  13. Paula Parker says:

    These are fun! I don’t like my drinks very cold, so they are not for me, but they would be a great party punch bowl filler

  14. unveiltheweb says:

    Ah… why can’t the kids have whiskey? LOL… Great post. I’ve actually never heard of ice balls before.

  15. Heather says:

    I love this! I could see just freezing juice for the kids in them.

  16. Nice! I’ll use these for my next patio party! Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a neat thing to have. The things you could do with it are endless!

  18. Things looknreally neat, I’ve never seen anything like this. I need to check these out for the baby shower. Thanks for the review!

  19. Seems like a cool mold. I love shaped ice. I have found using filtered water is best so as not to change the flavor of my drinks.

  20. These are fascinating. I loved your photos and Pinned them too!

  21. I have to get some of these ice ball molds. I love how you can add fruit and just add the balls to water for favored water. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Wow I have never seen anything like these before. How cool is that! My kids would get a kick out of these!

  23. I am pretty sure that is the most awesome ice mold ever! I think I really need it. It really would be awesome for parties!

  24. That’s a fun idea to put cherry in Sprite, or otherwise mix up flavors. I bet my kids would love this idea!

  25. wow what a great product! I’m sure your kids love drinking their juices because of this cute ice ball molds. We don’t have these things here in our country. Can somebody please bring them here 🙂

  26. These are really cool. I’ve seen them before and really want to try some for our drinks. Thanks for informing me more about them.

  27. I have never seen anything quite like this. Nice for putting into drinks.

  28. I’ve seen these somewhere before. I really need to get some. I love the flavored ice idea with the Sprite. It sound light and refreshing for summer days.

  29. Now, Natalie I received a similar product but yours seems to be wayy better constructed than mine. Thanks for the idea of the funnel I will use a funnel the next time I use mine and your finished product looks shinier than mine too LOL

  30. These look fun for adults and kids alike. I like the idea of the gummies soaking up the alcohol and then eating the gummies. Sounds like a good time.

  31. I am running right out and getting one of these. I DO drink whiskey!

  32. wow yes I saw this at a store nearby and we also planned to get this.. probably not the same thing, but something similar i guess.. but this is definitely useful and great…

  33. That is SO cool! I would love to try one! I need to find out where I can get one.

  34. Fun! My boys would love playing with these ice ball molds.

  35. These are pretty cool, I’d live to try them! Great post

  36. This is one cool product! I would love to have fun and create something out of it. Hehe

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