Easter Target Haul 2013 | #TargetHaul

Easter Target Haul 2013 | Utterly-Amazing.com
First off, I’m going to Target next year for Easter, screw Walmart.. Target always has better stuff wise.. there was no cake mix like there usually is, then again I didn’t check baking section, sometimes they have it there. I still wanted to check Walmart, CVS and/or Wall-greens, but didn’t make it, maybe tomorrow. We shall see. Down to the goods.. This was a mix of 70% everything, except the candy was only 50% off.
Easter Target Haul 2013 | Utterly-Amazing.com
1 – Jello Jigglers Mold Kit – was $9.27 & on sale $1.54
2. Bunny Marshmallows – was $3.57 & on sale $.59
3. Mini Eggs – was $3.17 & on sale $1.59
4. Minnie Mouse Pen – was$3.00 & on sale $.90
5. M&Ms – was $3.17 & on sale $1.59
6. Chalk Game – was $4.99 & on sale $1.49
7. MLP Nail Polish – was $3.99 & sale $1.19
8. Lisa Frank nail set – was $9.98 & sale $2.98
9. Lisa Frank Diary – was $3.00 & sale $.90
10. Hello Kitty toy – was $5.00 & sale $1.50
11. Hello Kitty Basket – was $10.00 & sale $3.00
12. Cup, Bowl & Plates (in dollar section in the front) $1.00 each.

in all saved $36.05

The cups, plates & bowls weren’t with the Easter stuff, I just wanted to get new stuff for the kids, they kept breaking other plastic stuff, this cheap plastic lasts longer, haha. All of the Hello Kitty stuff is for Hannah, she loves all things Hello Kitty & Minnie Mouse. This was a over all good trip, like I said before, I hope to hit up the other stores. 
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  1. George N says:

    That’s a big save you have there Natalie, plus you have some really nice goods for the kids. I bet they will like it.

  2. this is easter haul is best for the kids, i’m sure they will like it! Thanks for this article to read on.

  3. The Easter Egg Haul looked fun and most enjoyable for kids. Whoa all goodies are colorful. 🙂

  4. Oh I wish we had Target in Greece! All these nice things and such great prizes! Those M&M easter eggs are so cool!

  5. aww great ideas I love easter and I love the hello kitty. Excellent post

  6. great deals, I was just at Walmart and those same marshmallow bunnies were .75 cents – you got a great bargain!

  7. Wow you really racked up! I will have to look into Target for next Easter

  8. They did make a a lot of easter based candies. Perfect for the sweet tooth.

  9. It’s my Mom who usually goes to the supermarket to get our food stash at home. I guess moms are always looking for the best deals. PS. Target is definitely better than Walmart 🙂

  10. my eater haul – M&M’s 😀

  11. Wow you scored Natalie! Great finds at great prices!

  12. I used to buy candies and other stuffs after the celebration because of how much I will save. Walmart ran out fast and left over item were not good anymore. I should check target next time. Looks like you had a great time shopping and that was a huge savings for you.

  13. I absolutely love a great sale. Heading to target tomorrow to see what I can snag. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. You found some really great deals. I love shopping after the holidays just about as much as shopping before!

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