Way back when on Myspace days

 Thursday, September 12: Discuss ways that blogging or social media has changed you.

Way back when on Myspace days | #Blogtember

Well let’s give a lil history with social network sites & me. My first real connect people on the internet would have to be MSN Groups. Now that’s old school, if anyone was on a MSN Group, they were basically forums. All the kool kids had their own forums, with threads like, “Rate Guys”, “Rate Girls”, Games.. Everyone showed off their HTML skills. Which was the first time, I really started liking graphic design & html. Then, they got rid of MSN Groups after like 4 years, around that time, that’s when Myspace started. I had a Myspace before all my friends, like 3 months after they made it.. back when people were like, “What’s Myspace!?!?!” Unlike now when people say, “People still have myspaces!?!?!” haha. I did the whole making Myspace layouts before it was a trend, I was like 1 of the handful of makers, until every military wife & girlfriend decided they wanted to have a site. I like to think that since I started on MSN Groups, I’ve always had an interest in Graphic/Web Design since then.

Were you on Myspace? What do you miss about it?

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