Meet Natalie | A Lifestyle Blogger

I’m Natalie, the girl behind Utterly Amazing, formerly, Natalie Made It. I am a 30 something North Carolina lifestyle blogger. I currently live in North Carolina, but I have lived all over North Carolina, Virginia & Maryland. I am a divorce single mom.

Topics you will find me blogging about: Food, Fitness, Blogging Tips, Faith, Music, and my everyday life as a mom who balances a crazy life.

While my full-time job is blogging and doing freelance graphic and web design work. I’m also a grill cook at a local fast food join part-time. That’s right, I manage to balance 3 jobs while being a mom as well.

One of my biggest passions is helping other bloggers grow their blogs and brands. Between blogging tips and design work. I have some of those services here.

I’m pretty much obsessed with unicorns, penguins, mermaids and underwater creatures – but I can’t swim. Crazy how that works.

When I’m not working you can find me binge watching Netflix, listening to live music, reading my bible and self love books, spending time with my kids.

I confess you find me singing loudly to most 90’s band music. I also love Christian & Country music. I’m a huge Washington Redskin fan, I love football. I am a simple kinda of girl when it comes to fashion. You have a better chance of finding me in jeans, hoodie and a t-shirt than dressing up. I wear flip flops year round.

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