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Father’s Day | Our Favorite Things About Dads

With Father's Day right around the corner. This post is to honor the dads in our lives. My dad has always been the rock of the household, the awesome dad everyone wishes they had. We may not have always agreed on certain tops, he will always have my back and always be there for me. As kids we thought our parents were annoying, but not until we grow up and have our own kids do we think differently from that. Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventures, story-tellers, and … [Read more...]

#TLCvoxbox Box Reveal by Influenster

It's been awhile since I got a voxbox, it's about time Influenster! just kidding, seriously though. First thing I noticed is how smaller the boxes are. They used to be bigger, maybe it's just this box, but a friend said the boxes have been getting smaller, that pretty sucky, but it is what it is. Influenster said this was gonna be a "box for mom" some "TLC for mom". So I'm thinking, candy, lotion, something for mom to feel special.. Because, hello, chocolate makes me feel special. 1) Shell … [Read more...]

Favorite Things about June

Linking up with Emily @ Beauty and the Greek for another favorite things. I've been waiting for June all year! At least for a few of these. These are more events & trips, than actual items, either way. I'm super excited for June. I didn't add the fact that June 13th the kids are getting out of school, that's super exciting as well! There's gonna be a lot of fun this year! eeek! Here's some of my June Favorites! 1 ► Tyler Ward's concert in Nashville, TN! Yes, counting down the days for … [Read more...]

Weekend Social Linkup

Here we go for round two of the Weekend Social Linkup, my goal is to double what we got last week! It will be open for the whole weekend, closes Sunday night, so more people can join! Please remember to follow the host & co-host up at the top on all social media sites! Starting next weekend, we will pick a random person who links up for the "Feature Blogger" for everyone to follow as well. So that will be awesome! Thanks again for making this possible :) Have a great … [Read more...]

RANT: Bloggers Who Leave Crappy Comments

Let's face it, everyone loves getting them, who doesn't? To have a successful blog you need followers, you need blog comments, you need people READING your stuff and leaving legit comments. Now we all have them, we all have those few people who leave random bullshit comments, that A) have nothing to do with the post itself. B) aren't a complete sentence. C) just a bunch of words thrown together. D) All of the above. Yea, let's face it, we don't want crap comments on our … [Read more...]