Here’s A Few Of My Favorite Things | #MayFavorites

Here's A Few Of My Favorite Things #1 & #2 yoga pants - Yea since I'm working weight lost, I'm in no hurry to buy clothes with sizes.. I get a good pair of yoga pants & capris is what I forever wear, besides guy gym shorts.. but I've always worn guy gym shorts. I don't believe in showing a lot of none needed skin. Needless to say, I have 2 of each, I need more, haha #3 K cups peppermint mocha - I'm a hot chocolate & favored mocha addict. Oh the tea ones are good too, just green … [Read more...]

March of Dimes 2014 ▬ Reston, VA | #WeekendRecap

We did it! I'm a proud owner of 6 March of Dimes walks under my belt. I've raised over $5,000 in 6 years. As a solo walker, that's awesome! Didn't do as well as I wanted this year, next year I'll be ready. Going to do a lot more fundraisers that's for sure. With that said. Here's some pictures from the walk! First, the top walkers.. I believe was this family in the green shirts, I have in the one picture. They walked for their two baby girl twins who were born at 20 weeks, they weighed 9.2 oz … [Read more...]

When My Laptop Decided To Stop Working

When my laptop decided to stop working.. 3 days ago, I noticed my site was lagging.. my internet was lagging.. I thought it was just me.. I thought it was my laptop being a douche, because my laptop is a douche a lot.. so is Comcast, Comcast is a big douche. Getting off topic.. Well I go to log into my hosting site.. apparently I'm not alone, everyone was getting screwed.. it become to the point where I was getting 503 & 404 errors.. They were all, "you need to buy more servers!!! WHAT!?!?! … [Read more...]

Easter Target Haul 2013 | #TargetHaul

First off, I'm going to Target next year for Easter, screw Walmart.. Target always has better stuff wise.. there was no cake mix like there usually is, then again I didn't check baking section, sometimes they have it there. I still wanted to check Walmart, CVS and/or Wall-greens, but didn't make it, maybe tomorrow. We shall see. Down to the goods.. This was a mix of 70% everything, except the candy was only 50% off.1 - Jello Jigglers Mold Kit - was $9.27 & on sale $1.54 2. Bunny … [Read more...]

10 Tall People Problems

Struggles all around for tall people, I stand at 5 foot 11 inches. It's not so much a problem now, but growing up tall, talk about being bullied. All the jokes and nicknames were always a part of growing up when you're tall. Here's some relatable things for me. If you are tall you will understand... If you're not, well, you just won't. I'll ask my short friends for a short people one, lol. In the meantime, enjoy :) 10 Tall People Problems 1. "One Size Fits All" When has anything ever … [Read more...]