strawberry pretzel dessert

This has to be one of the easiest desserts to make. Trust me, If I make this anyone can.. lol This is a favorite in our family always around Thanksgiving-Christmas time, shoot I make it year round. One year, friends made this and added Vodka instead of Water (like jello shots) except in the dessert, it was AMAZING! Totally recommend this to anyone who loves strawberries! Ingredients 2 cups crushed pretzels (about 8 ounces) 3/4 cup butter, melted 3 tablespoons sugar FILLING: 2 cups … [Read more...]

Let’s Take A Break with Life | #Confessions

*breathe in, breathe out* Let's Take A Break with Life - Confessions with Bella @ Dateless in Dallas. One of the few blogs I do stalk regularly, because let's face it, her blog is amazing! Confessions For The Week 1. These hours & all these days John has been working.. I wish he go back to his like 3-4 days off at a time, i mean come on, I need my nap day, I don't get my nap day, if his ONE DAY OFF, he wants to be lazy, because he's working like crazy.. Ugh 2. This damn arm. Why did … [Read more...]

Mixologist Cocktail Shaker

Being able to make all these cool drinks I see like on Tipsy Bartender (which if you have not seen him, check out YouTube!) for friends and family is now doable with the Mixologist Cocktail Shaker. Basically Cocktail Shaker is a must have in the kitchen or bar. It is perfect for party and get togethers. You also save 70% or MORE when using your own ingredients at home. This cocktail shaker comes with a built in strainer and a jigger that can measure either 1 or 1/2 ounces … [Read more...]

KitchenAid’s Mixer Attachment Chart

Anyone who owns a KitchenAid mixer can tell you there's a billion parts, but do you know what all the parts actual do? The KitchenAid's mixer attachment chart ▬ from, really gives a great picture and short detail to which part is what and how you can make lots of yummy foods with it! Whether you're a KitchenAid mixer aficionado, or a beginner feeling slightly overwhelmed by the exciting possibilities the unit offers, this chart's for you! From the pasta cutter, to the sausage … [Read more...]

Personal Goals for 2014 | #NewYearNewMe

Wednesday, January 22: What are some personal goals you’d like to work on this year? Make more friends. Like in real life, lol. What's that you ask? lol. I don't know about you, but I have quite a few hundred or so friends online, friends I've met through the years. I've been online to say for like 14 years, a LONG freaking time. Then all the amazing people I met on Myspace, that word alone means your old, if you know what Myspace is. lol. Anyways, I need to meet more bloggers in VA, more … [Read more...]