Nsync at the VMAs 2013

Let's go back 13 years.. I had just about everything you could think of when it came to Nsync. I thought if I saved it all, one day it would be worth something. Right? Well, truth be told, I still everything except for the posters. I have pictures of everything, I got to find those pictures. Besides having way more Nsync items than I like to admit to. I also was lucky enough to see them in concert THREE times! My favorite by far was the tickets we won to HAWAII to see Nsync LIVE in court on New … [Read more...]

Movie Review – The Conjuring

I was able to screen this movie tonight with my sister & her friend. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 stars, worth paying for! Learn about the movie, here. I won't leak any details about this movie, if anyone goes to see it. I will tell you, it's worth paying for, but you will shit your pants. I'm one for scary movies, I love them.. I've never been scared before.. a good 20 minutes in, I was ready to leave, but as you know, you can't just leave, because you wont know how it will end. It was … [Read more...]