Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies | #CookieSeason

You know what is my favorite cookie to eat at Christmas? A Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies! Every year around December, my mom would always make a bunch of Betty Crocker cookies and bring them on Christmas day and share them with the family. It was a great tradition that we had. Well the last 2-3 year, she hasn’t been 100%, so she didn’t do it, but this year we’re bringing it back. Since we will have the kids from December 19 to December 27, we plan on decorating cookies with them. That’s another tradition we had as kids. We would invite the neighborhood kids over and everyone would decorate sugar cookies.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies | #CookieSeason

So plan on trying out a few of these cookie recipes that Betty Crocker & Ziploc have provided at Publix. We went to Publix the other day, the closest one to us is in Cary which is about 45 minutes away. I love that store, I wish we had one closer. They have the cutest Ziploc holiday containers. So I bought the red & gold ones. Then we went down the baking section and grab some peanut butter cookie mix. My favorite kind of Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies are the ones with kisses on top of them. That’s always been a favorite!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies | #CookieSeason

The recipe to make these Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies is very simple, I’ll share it with you. Honestly you can put any kind of chocolate on top of the cookie, I’ve seen it made a ton of different ways on Pinterest. After you bake the cookies, you can store the Ziploc holiday containers. These containers are amazing, always keeping the food safe, sealed and fresh!

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies | #CookieSeason

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 5 minutes
  • • 1 bag of Better Crocker Peanut Butter Mix
  • • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • • 1 teaspoon of water
  • • 1 large egg
  • • bag of kisses
  1. Mix everything into the mixer.
  2. Scoop out balls of cookie mix place 20 to a tray.
  3. Bake for 10 minutes on 350 degrees.
  4. Let cool then add chocolate candy to the top.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies | #CookieSeason

If you check out the Publix’s site, they have a coupon to save $.75 off of any 3 Betty Crocker products. There’s also a deal in the store where you can save $2.00 off when you buy one of each product above! SCORE!

What’s your favorite kind of Betty Crocker cookies?

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  2. Rebecca Holland-Cowling says:

    Chocolate chip are my favorite!

  3. My favorite Betty Crocker cookie is the sugar cookies!

  4. All of them, duh! LOL

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