Need A Protein Mix? Try Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix!

When I heard of Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix, I thought to myself, “mind as well give it a try..” I have had some other products from the X brand, so since those products were so good, I thought they would be great too.

Protein Mix 3

Some of my favorite things about Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix there is no fats, no sugars, low sodium, no cholesterol, lactose free, gluten free, soy free & bse/tse free. I normally put my protein drinks in my shaker cups, but the kids like to steal all the balls and I didn’t have another one to spare. So I just put it in a glass and stirred it with a spoon. It blended PERFECTLY! I was surprise, there  were no lumps or anything! I also want to include that the kids LOVE eating and drinking healthy, they’re forever asking for protein drinks & smoothies. So we tossed some fresh fruit in with the Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix and it was a nice healthy snack!

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I received the alpine Vanilla flavored 3 Pack, there’s also dutch chocolate which would be good by itself, but if you wanted some extra yumminess, I suggest you add some peanut butter or even some bananas for the dutch chocolate. You can really mix any kind of fruit to the alpine Vanilla, because it has the perfect blend of Vanilla and that protein flavor. Both flavors come in 3 different sizes, there’s the 3 pack which is single servings. Then there’s a 2 lb & 5 lb big bottles. You can purchase all 3 sizes in both flavors on Amazon, the 3 pack is $7.99, 2 lb is $36.99 & the 5 lb is $69.99. One serving is 29 grams, which is 110 calories and 26 grams of protein.

Protein Mix 2

Disclosure: The Summit Nutritions brand provided me with a Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix 3 Pack.

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  1. I have to admit I am one of those that really need to add a protein shake to my diet but I absolutely do not like the taste! But your review of Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix is making me change my mind and see if I will actually like their alpine Vanilla flavor. Because if I do then this will really benefit me in the health department! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. I haven’t tried drinking protein shakes although I know that drinking it will help a lot in terms of providing a good body mass for bodybuilding. It’s good that Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix has all the right ingredients and no sugar and fats. Chocolate, bananas and peanut butter combination sounds too yummy I can’t resist!

  3. A friend of ours consumes quite a bit of this. I believe he likes to mix up his options by throwing in frozen fruit blends at time and his Mom insists they can make decent pudding fillers too!

  4. I’ve never tried drinking protein shakes, but I have a ton of friends who are incredibly focused on body and muscle building, and they swear by Pure Whey! That combination sounds delicious though, and convincing me to try it out.. thanks for sharing about the product 🙂

  5. I have never tried drinking a protein shake, and I never really felt like it would taste too great! I think it could give good results through for those looking to bulk up while working out. I’d rather just make fruit smoothies 🙂

  6. I have never heard of this before. Is that bad? I don’t do shakes or smoothies often but I would love to add them in. My husband has been bugging me for a while to do it so I need to check it all out and get on it.

  7. I haven’t tried any protein shakes but my husband is a regular drinker of it. Basing from what you stated about this one, seems like a very healthy option for me. I would love to try it. Can you add fruits in it?

  8. I have never tried a protein shake but I love making smoothies for my family. Since one of my sons is always under weight, will definitely talk to his doctor to see if a supplement like this could help. Oh, and the addition of peanut butter and bananas to the chocolate flavor? Genius! Now if only Nutella was healthy…


  9. Awesome! I haven’t had a protein shake for a few months but for a while there I was drinking them daily. My favourite flavour is vanilla but it’s nice to try other flavour for a change from time to time 🙂

  10. I’m doing the 21 Day Fix and I absolutely cannot take the taste of Shakeology and I’ve been looking for an alternative – I just may have to try this one! Great review!

  11. Boo drinks a lot of protein shake but for the life of me i can not stand the taste I have tried time and again and as you mentioned most of them do not blend well and hitting that ball of powder was the last straw. I am not familiar with this one but can suggest to boo and try it then.

  12. NANA N NIKKO says:

    I just got mines can’t wait to try it out! thanks for the info

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