Put It On Repeat | Romans 12: 1

Sequence: Put It On Repeat | Romans 12:1

Our thinking drives our living. Everything you say, you do begins as a thought in your mind. When the ‘hard drive is corrupt’ the living of your life is out of order. When your life is ‘corrupt’ everything in your life starts falling apart around you. If our thinking is off, we won’t be living the life God wants us to.

• You have to break out of your poverty thinking or tradition thinking in order to get on the correct way of living. It could be the ‘viruses’ of life, a heartbreak, someone hurt you, so you hurt people back. (hurt people hurt other people). Or you were just raised the in the life that you live. We have to get our thinking in order.
Put It On Repeat | Romans 12: 1-2

• When someone hurts you or when someone is mean to you, instead of being mean back to them, be nice. God will create new ways of life for you, new ways for you to think.

• Give and it will be given to you. Don’t think like the world thinks or that’s what you will get in life. You must think the way that God thinks.

God wants you to be transformed. Where you move from struggle to struggle and to find the victory in each of them and move on to the next one in your life. By renewing of your mind.

You have to have faith that God has a plan for you. You have to ‘install’ the truth into what you already thought was the truth.

3 Ways to fix the ‘truths’ in your thinking:

It’s hard work! There’s no freebies in life, ‘Life isn’t fair..”

1. recognize. You have to recognize when your life has a ‘virus’ and you realize you need to fix it. You can’t just change over night the way you thinking. There will be a battle in our mind, in our thinking. You have let a stronghold to set up shop in your life, that you like to blame for everything that’s not right in your life, you’re basically battling yourself.

2. replace. Day & Night – When you’re alone or when you wake up, you realize that your life isn’t what it was suppose to be, everything isn’t going as plan, that you’re not the successful person you wanted to be. You’re not pretty enough. When you tell yourself to stop thinking about the bad things, it won’t work.. You just have to replace it with better things. You have to pray about it day and night to replace your thinking with positive thinking. You can’t get rid of thinking, you can only replace thinking.

3. repeat. You have to recognize and replace on replace until you have fully replace your thinking into positive thinking. Grab 3 of your favorite verses read them every hour on the hour for as long as it takes. Until your thinking is positive into God’s thinking. You have to fight the world, because God wants you to get the victory.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.  -John 8:32

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