Save Money Online With Chrome Extensions Apps

Save money online shopping just got easier when you can add “Chrome Extensions” which chill up at the top of your screen – next to the address bar.  Last year, I posted these blog post, Saving Money With Apps & Saving Money With Apps II. I love saving money just as much as the next person, so here’s a few tips to save money online with Chrome extensions.

Save Money Online With Chrome Extensions Apps


Save Money Online | Chrome Extensions |

Piggy automatically finds the best coupon codes and cash back at over 1,800 stores! Stop searching for coupon codes and start saving with Piggy’s automatic Add Coupons button! Once you install Piggy, Piggy will go into Snooze mode. But once you visit one of the 1,800 stores Piggy supports, he will wake up and find you Coupons. When you get to checkout, that’s when all the magic happens. Piggy springs into action with a whirlwind of savings, trying and applying coupon code combinations to find you the best deal.


Save Money Online | Chrome Extensions |
Stop searching for coupon codes and sales. Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart. Click on the Honey button on a supported online store and instantly see all the coupons and sales available for the store. Currently support shopping sites in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and India as well as sites that serve global customers.

Coupons At Checkout

Save Money Online | Chrome Extensions | Coupons At Checkout
Have you ever searched for a coupon code? You won’t anymore! Coupons at Checkout discovers those hard-to-find coupon codes for you, automatically, every time you shop online. Whenever Coupons at Checkout detects an empty ‘Coupon Code’ box at an e-commerce store, it searches the web for you, uncovering all that retailer’s latest coupon codes! The free Chrome add-on supports thousands of your favorite stores across several countries. Grab Coupons At Checkout today and see how easy it is to save, automatically!


Save Money Online | Chrome Extensions |
The official Ebates Cash Back Button for Chrome is a 5-star rated, must-have for your browser! Time is money and we’re giving you back some of both! Automatically see Cash Back alerts when shopping, compare store Cash Back amounts when searching, and enjoy one-click access to all of your account information. I earn roughly $50 to $100 yearly.
These four Chrome extensions are the ones I currently use and live by. So I hope I save you some money and earn some cash back. You can thank me later!

When you save money online, what’s your favorite apps or websites?

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  1. Julie Wood says:

    I have never heard of these Chrome extension apps to help me save money. I am going to try some of these out because Christmas is coming and I need to save wherever I can!

  2. Mary Gardner says:

    I didn’t know about Chrome Extension Apps but I am always up for saving money. Thanks!

  3. My absolute favorites are ebates and retailmenot. I don’t do anything online without first checking these two sites.

  4. Margaret Sarsfield says:

    I love piggy. its saved me a lot of money.

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