A self portrait – Let’s take a Selfie!

Let’s take a selfie! Eh! I’m not the biggest fan of taking pictures of myself, but.. here ya go, me in all my glory. YAY or nay. I look like crap lately, as Jacob my youngest (3 months) decided sleeping at night is no longer a thing, that being up from 1-2a til 5-6a was the new TREND! :/ Yea, so that’s been my thing the last week. 2ed77935-8179-4d2e-b343-c332c1629416Therefore, with the older two waking up at 630A for school, not getting on the bus til 7:30, til whenever Hannah wakes up, THAT’S THE ONLY SLEEP I GET. Which if I’m lucky last til 9-10a. I most likely just jinxed it for myself now, lol. Unless, John is home & not working, he lets me get naps or sleep in. But when he’s working his back to back days, so we don’t see him til that 3rd day morning or if he works a 8hr after 2 16hrs, we don’t see him til that 3rd day NIGHT. UGH.

On that note, needless to say, I’ve been tired, but with all that time, I’ve been blogging & doing my other business. Which is Graphic & Web Design. I need to finish working on my Etsy Shop. I need to make a semi-job. Which before it was just for fun really. But we’re waiting to get our new home, our FIRST HOUSE come October 24!!! We’ll be officially moved in November 1st! We’re going to paying cheap cheap for rent to $1023 MORE, haha.. Sucks.

It wouldn’t of sucked AS MUCH if, 1, our old car was still working, we wouldn’t have the POS we JUST BOUGHT “as is” in FEB of this year. Yea, lesson learned there, don’t by “AS IS” cars from a dealorship, they reset the computer on the car, enough that EVERYTHING needed to be replace months to follow, we have dumped at least 6,000 into that, between that & rental cars. Needless to say, our “savings” that was gonna to be going to a house, has been going to that car, so when it’s time to get a house & pay all the fees and whatnot. GRRR, I guess if we got a cheapER house, we would be fine.. but this house was too good to pass up. So, I’ve been tired… stressed.. more tired..

The kids are on a “Let’s see how bad we can be, before mom loses her shits..” Which with no sleep, no patience… doesn’t take long to do, I need a break, a pedi, a massage & a vacation! Sorry this turned into a rant & less “selfie” lol

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Natalie is a North Carolina single mom who enjoys the simple things in life such as live music, great food, travel. When she’s not blogging, you can probably find her making graphics, binging netflix or spending time with friends.


  1. Thanks for sharing a bit more of you. It’s always a pleasure to see the person behind the blog, a nice reminder that there are humans involved in this thing we call the internet. 😉

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