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Another #SundaySocial linkups! This week’s questions is about family & friends.

1. Tell us about the family you grew up with: parents, siblings, grandparents.

We are originally from Herndon, VA (Northern Virginia). My mom & dad, Frank & Brenda. 2 older sisters, Lea & Becky. 2 younger siblings, Frankie & Debbie. When Lea & Becky were grown and living on their own, about when I was 10-11 we moved to Graham, NC. Where I lived until I was 21 and moved with my husband to Frederick, MD. So Becky has 4 kids & a husband. Lea has 2 kids & a boyfriend. Frankie & Debbie who are still living with my parents have no kids. My dad’s mom is the only living grandparent currently. I lost my mom’s mom back in 2005.  My older sisters are still living in Northern VA as well as my grandma.

2. Tell us about your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, significant other.

He used to be in the Army, he was in for 6 years, he was a 25P Signal aka computer nerd. He has been to Iraq once & Korea once. He’s from Kentucky, he enjoys video games & pokemon, haha. His favorite sports are basketball, UK Wildcats & football, Oakland Raiders. He’s now a Network Engineer, still a computer nerd to say. We have been married since Feb 10, 2007.

3. Tell us about your children. If you don’t have children, talk about your fur children.

I have 4 hellions, haha.. Hailey she is 10 years old, I had her my senior year of high school! Best thing that ever happened to me. She is starting the 5th grade in the fall, couldn’t be more proud! John Jr, we just call him Jr now, when he was lil we called him Lil John, haha. He’s 6 years old, he turns 7 on Oct 9th. He is starting 1st grade in the fall. He’s a mama’s boy! Hannah Banana, she is a daddy’s girl for sure. She has some sweet dance moves for sure. She loves to sing too! She is 3 years old (Feb 9th). I cant wait for her to start school. Our last little hellion, Jacob he’s currently 13 months (June 5th ’13). He’s also a mommy’s boy, he loves dancing to the song ‘Happy’ it’s the cutest thing ever, he’s a lil boob monster! We have no pets, I have kids instead, haha.

4. Tell us about your best friends. How long have you known them? How did you meet?

Nicole. I met her in Marching Band/Colorguard. We have been friends since She was a freshman & I was a Juinor? I think. We’re 2 years apart I know that much. hahaha.. We have been friends since. Same goes for Lance, when he’s actually home and not at college (which now he’s out and he’s a BAND TEACHER in jville, nc!!!!) I love my band geek friends!

5. Tell us about any other special people in your life.

Seriously, take awhile guess who I will talk about.. seriously, it wouldn’t be that hard. He’s a pretty amazing guy! Tyler, yes.. Tyler Ward. But he’s just that awesome!

Tell me one fact about yourself or your family in the comment section!

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35 thoughts on “Friends & Family | #SundaySocial

  1. I always like learning about people that i know online only.. We lived in Reston and Ashburn for a few years while i worked for RoadRunner. We were probably have seen each other and didnt even know it..

  2. Hmm.. I guess one fact about myself would be I’m a wife and momma to 5 kiddos. Thanks for sharing about your life, I had to chuckle about your youngest being a boob monster. 😉

  3. I have one sister and four brothers and as much as I hated all the chaos back then, I love it now when we get together. I think the reminiscing and telling childhood stories about each other is the best.

  4. I love posts like this. As I’m new to the blogger scene (plus not nearly as good at graphic design as you are…see my nothing for reference LOL) I don’t know where to find them….or, admittedly, what the hell to do with them once I have.

    I’m going to check in with you on Sunday again, if I remember!! <3

  5. LOL Gotta love hellions, Natalie ProudMomOf4Hellions Elizabeth. Heehee.

    Seriously, thanks for sharing and by the way, since you have posted on FB, Insta and here about Tyler Ward. I’ve GOT to go listen to him!

  6. 4 hellions…I love that you keep it real. I call mine that too sometimes and people give me flack for it. But if you think about it…they sure can be at times.
    It must have been really scary that he went over there to serve your country. But you must’ve been so proud too. Thank god for people like him who are so brave. It’s nice getting to know you!

    1. Well he was in Iraq before I met him, he went right to Iraq right when he went in, he was home for only 6 months before they sent him to Korea for a year. Which at that point we were only dating for the “weekends” of Feb to May. Good Times.

  7. I have a question: did you raise all the children by yourself without the help of a house helper, a nanny or a babysitter? In times where moms also are working in the office, I find it hard to manage both time at work and at home.

    1. Wishful thinking.. No I’m with the kids 24/7.. unless my husband is home, it’s usually just me and the 4 kids… Housekeepers, Nanny & Babysitters cost way too much than its worth for 4 kids. I manage it all pretty well.. minus the sleep part..

  8. wow it was nice knowing about you and all your family.. it’s good to read things such as these, I guess would be good if even I write something like this, but I’m way too shy for that.. let’s see… 🙂

  9. I always like to learn more about fellow bloggers. You and your friend have gone a long way and I hope you guys count more years of friendship.

  10. I also lived with my parents, siblings and grand mother when I was still single. My husband is my elementary and high school classmate. My son is very loving and cheerful. My family is the best. They’re very special even though I can call them crazy at times.

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