I Met James Blunt at Ed Sheeran’s Concert in Raleigh, NC | #DividedTour

That's right people! Ed freaking Sheeran and James freaking Blunt! Ya'll, I was on the 7th row... from the TOP, yes nose bleed section, but the fact I was in the same room as Ed Sheeran was enough for me. I bought these tickets for my sister's birthday back in March, we had to wait 6 months! It was worth the wait -- I got some pretty epic pictures and videos! Pre-concert selfie for the win! First up with James Blunt. I've been a fan of his since like day one back in 2004 when You're … [Read more...]

Love Riot Tour 2016 ─ God’s Not Dead #LoveRiotTour

One day I was searching through Premier Productions and I saw the Love Riot Tour was coming to North Carolina. Which means I was finally going to be able to see Newsboys in concert ─ if you're a fan of Christian music, you know how big this moment is. I've been a fan of Micheal Tait since he was with DC Talk. I love me some Newsboys music! Then I found out that The Afters, Ryan Stevenson & Graham Saber were going to be there as well. Ryan Stevenson who sings, "Eye of the Storm" that song is … [Read more...]

Hillsong United & Lauren Daigle Concert 5/5/16 | #EMPIREStour

So when I had to a chance to go to a Hillsong United & Lauren Daigle Concert I didn't waste any time. I was lucky enough to see Hillsong in concert last year, but I was able to see them again this year. They were actually in North Carolina twice, but I didn't get to see them during the other tour. Now last time I saw them was in a church and we had a seat in the back. I told myself that I wasn't going to seat in the back. The floor seats were $50. You can't beat that. Little did I know how … [Read more...]