5 Kettlebell Workouts That Will Make You Sweat

We always have the excuse, "I can't work I don't go to the gym." Well I am here to burst that bubble, because you don't need a gym to be able to workout. Yep, sorry. Most workouts (cardio) can be done in your living room, bedroom or even your backyard. All you need is something as simple as a kettlebell, weights or even a can of green beans. Put on some of your favorite music and go to town! You can do 3 sets - 10 reps on each side and you will most definitely be feeling the burn afterwards. You … [Read more...]

Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash

I'm always looking for a new body wash. Lately, I've been trying to focus more on me and less on everyone else. Something I have learned over the last few months, is besides being a mom, I am a woman and needs to take a little personal time on herself. In doing so, that's when I found Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash, I got excited! I have been using Dial products for years now, they always have the best scents and they just make your skin feel amazing. I couldn't wait to try out this body was, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to get Kids to Brush Their Teeth

I have four crazy kids I have to teach them that brushing their teeth is not only healthy and good for them, but it can awesome be fun and rewarding. 5 Ways to get Kids to Brush Their Teeth 1) Toothbrushes - They now have toothbrushes with different charters on them. I let the kids each pick out their own design between character ones, they got ones that are customized with stickers. It gets them excited! There's also kid power toothbrushes that play a song, so kids will brush their teeth … [Read more...]

Are you Berry Sleepy? Me too!

I'm a night owl. Some nights are worst than others. I've taken all kinds of sleep aid, everything honestly and some things would work for a few months, then my body would just get used to them and they stop working all together. So when I heard about Berry Sleepy, I thought to myself, "maybe these might just work.." Well I took it for 3 nights. It says to take 2 pills 30 minutes before you plan on going to bed, so I did, normally with everything I take sleep aid wise, it takes about an hour to … [Read more...]

Need A Protein Mix? Try Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix!

When I heard of Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix, I thought to myself, "mind as well give it a try.." I have had some other products from the X brand, so since those products were so good, I thought they would be great too. Some of my favorite things about Pure Whey Protein Isolate Mix there is no fats, no sugars, low sodium, no cholesterol, lactose free, gluten free, soy free & bse/tse free. I normally put my protein drinks in my shaker cups, but the kids like to steal all the balls and I … [Read more...]