10 Gifts For A Washington Redskins Fan For Under $50

We're the 11th week into the NFL season and depending on who your team is, you may be doing well or not. Well I am a Washington Redskins fan, always have and always will be. Even if some years are better or not so great than others. We're currently have a 5-6 score. Not that horrible, I mean we could have the Dallas Cowboys 3-8. HAHA! I am kidding, kinda, but I had to point it out as a skins fan. … [Read more...]

Hail to the Redskins – My 1st Football Game | #WeekendRecap

Whhhatttt two Weekend Recap back to back, whatttt Natalie actually has a life!?!?!? lol SATURDAY So my oldest, Hailey & I went up to my sister's house to hangout for the weekend. We planned on leaving super early on Sunday to head to the Redskins vs. Rams game at FedEx Feild.. So we went up early.  After we got there, I went to the gym with my niece and her friend. Yes, a real gym something besides that thing in the backyard. I surprised myself, since all John put out back was strength … [Read more...]