Being Thankful This Thanksgiving | #WeekendRecap

So I haven’t done a “weekend recap” in months, because, I simply don’t get out or do anything worth posting about. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to hear about my Tinder fail dates and Netflix and doing endless piles of laundry, while the kids are gone most every weekend. That’s boring, I know it is. However, last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend, would you believe it, I actually left the house, better yet, I left the state, lol. Went up Thursday night to my sister’s house in Northern Virginia.


The kids left with John on Wednesday, so I had Wednesday to Sunday to myself. Mini no kid vacation, sign me up. I love my kids, I do, but sometimes mommy needs a vacation. So I was working on blog stuff & making tons of logos for Okay, maybe i spent most of the night on Whisper, lol but still.. I was watching Tipsy Bartender, they made this “Pumpkin Pie Shooter” but I made it my own and in a glass, not a shooter! Then I went to Northern VA for the night, my sister and nephew and I were going down to NC for the rest of the weekend. Instead of going “Black Friday” shopping Thursday night, We went to this one bar, she swore a band was playing, but it was the night before, instead there was a DJ playing country music. Which I was loving, but she isn’t a fan of country. When he played, “She thinks my tractor is sexy” and everyone started dancing she was just laughing. I kept saying, “Haters gonna hate, hate hate..” You can’t knock country music. At one point she was all, “Let’s go..” I was all, “Wait, this is my jam..” They played Alan Jackson – Good Times.. I was all, “Oh man, I feel like dancing..” I went to turn around and there was already this drunk couple dancing. The only crappy part about the whole thing was 1- the price of a grey goose & sprite. Which they screwed up, the soda was flat, so they made a grey goose and cranberry juice. Basically, I paid $7.50 for a glass of cranberry juice, cos I didn’t taste any alcohol. LAME.


The plan was to go by this little coffee shop where my nieces works and then head out of town. That didn’t happen we didn’t end up leaving til like 5-6pm but it was all good.  How amazing does this food look?  OMG It was s good. If you’re in the Northern VA (Fairfax Area) I suggest you check it out. It’s called, De Clieu Coffee. I’ve just recently became a fan of hot mixed drinks, I would always just get a frozen frappe and call it a day. But my niece makes awesome food & drinks. They have this thing at their shop, if you instagram the #latteart you can win a chance at $10 giftcard! Sign me up. Another person made a drink, but wasn’t nearly as cool as this. The food, OMG NOM NOM! On the way down to NC, we stopped in Fredericksburg, VA and hit up Old Navy & Five Below for some deals. I got a Redskins Tshirt & Guy Sweat Pants for $22 and saved $23. I got a few small things for the kids at Five Below. I also got two shirts for myself on Five Below. When we finally got home to NC, we crashed.


Another lazy day, sleeping, spending time with family. My sister & I hit up Bath & Body Works for some sweet deals. We also took my nephew to the little park they have in the middle of the shopping area. There was a tractor, I had to get a picture with it. lol. After that, we went to Brewballs, this awesome bar in Burlington, VA. We try to always go there when we come down to NC. Let’s face it, you cant beat those prices (compared to up here in VA).  It was my older sister, Lea, my younger brother, Frankie, my younger sister, Debbie & our friend, Nic. 5 People, the bill was only $55! There was nearly 20 drinks. Crazy right? Yea, we got a lot of pictures. Then after the bar closed, my sister & I went to Steak & Shake. Which is always amazing after a night of drinking.
Eariler at the bar, I was digging all the ice out of my drink, I told them. “This much ice should be a crime..” Then while at steak and shake, I said, “Ice belongs in Water, not Alcohol..” lmao So the picture above where it’s all drink and the cup next to it is all ice.. That’s why, haha
Overall, it was awesome and I can’t wait to move back home. I hate VA so much, okay maybe just this area. The schools are better, that’s where all my friends are.  Everything as a whole is going to be 100x better. I can’t wait til next year, when the kids get out of school. Ahhhh!

How was your weekend?

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14 thoughts on “Being Thankful This Thanksgiving | #WeekendRecap

  1. Ooo – that food looks tasty..I haven’t had a crossaint in so long because of my current dietary restrictions (which I broke for 2 days around Thanksgiving), but that looks soooo good. Also, the drinks look tasty. I’ve been indulging in lattes at this local coffeeshop. I LOVE their stuff. I am now looking for a frother or used machine so that I can make my own. How cool is the name ‘Brewballs’ – lol? I wanna go to a place where the drinks are inexpensive. Good deal. Also, we don’t have Steak & Shake in my neck of the woods, but I got some during my recent road trip to Michigan. OMGoodness…I could have eaten more than half of the items on the $4 menu. I loved the sliders. and the Garlic bun. I wish we’d get that place here *sad face*

    1. Yea, there’s not any steak and shakes around here where in live either.. the other nice thing about going home, lol.. Now I’m hungry for it all over again..

  2. It is nice to run across another VA blogger. I am originally from NC. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got stuck look at the photos of the food and drinks, which means I need to start making dinner soon.

  3. It sounds like you had a totally awesome weekend 🙂 Mine was a little more low key (and less alcohol.. so possibly less fun ha ha). My hubby however brewed some beer. He’s into craft brew. So I got to help him brew beer, and then we’ll keg it. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome though, I’m not much of a beer drinker, however I’m really liking this hard cider that’s made in VA, it’s really good, anything else, I normally stick to the hard liquor.

  4. what? why would we not want to hear about the tinder dates?! actually a friend of mine used to write a really funny blog and write about all her failed dates and give each of them a special name like.. italian mamas boy.. or whatever. 🙂 i’m glad she eventually found someone and got married, but i really miss her posts about dating life. 🙂 also, i am interested in what you’re watching on netflix!

    1. OMG I would totally write a blog about that… ugh I want to do that.. my ex husband’s gf currently hardcore stalks my blog, which I thank her for the traffic, when I get into dating, maybe I’ll start a linkup for it. haha

  5. Sounds like you had a great weekend! We had a quiet Thanksgiving here in town, but then took off to see my husband’s family over the weekend. It’s 4 hours away, which isn’t too bad, but the drive back on Sunday took almost 6.5!! Other than that, it was a fun few days with a lot of family and food!

  6. Sounds like mummy really needed a vacation which by the sounds of things went well, I too dont like to much water (ice) in my alcohol it just dilutes it down lol. Reading this post at 4am (UK time) on a Friday is not a good idea as I now need the those chips as I am so hungry but its too early to set the alarm of (cook) lol

  7. Wow looks like you had an awesome weekend! I’ve never been to Virginia or South Carolina so all those places are new to me, but you write so well that I felt like I was there experiencing them with you! My weekend was fairly uneventful I must admit – I basically spent it helping the kids with a school project and then movie night (was the kids turn to pick the movie unfortunately lol).. I’m looking forward to next weekend when we go visit our family in New York.

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