Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

I like to think of myself as a pretty crafty person, so I made this up-cycled bird feeder from a plastic container from Chick-fil-A. The Chick-fil-A Mom Panel moms were given the up-cycled challenge of turning their spicy southwest salad bowl into anything else.

Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

These were a lot of fun to put together, we have a lot of birds in our yard. We currently have a few nests in the trees and around the playground. When the kids come to visit, they really love watching the birds. So what better to have than a bird feeder. This is something we want to do with the rest of the trees around the yard.

Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

When I received my coupon in the mail from them, I was excited to cash it in for a yummy treat. While the coupon was for the Spicy Southwest Salad, you are able to switch it out for one of the other salads. I just don’t like spicy stuff (I get crazy acid these days), so I got the Cobb Salad instead. None the less, it was still simply amazing.

Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

What you need to make a “up-cycled bird feeder”

• Chick-fil-A salad bowl
• plastic bottle that has a cap
• paint color of your choice (or spray paint)
• 2 metal coat hangers
• duct tape
• bird seed

Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

Steps to making your own “up-cycled bird feeder”

Step 1: Cut a hole in the bottom of the bowl to fit the top of the bottle through it.

Step 2: Paint or spray paint the bottle and lid of salad bowl. Let sit & dry.

Step 3: Hook hanger ends into the lid where there’s holes and then tape the ends under the lid.

Step 4: Cut holes at the bottom of the bottle, so that the seeds could fall out of the bottle into the bottom of the salad bowl.

Step 5: Fill bottle with bird seeds and then screw it on to the bottom of the salad bowl.

Step 6: Hang in the tree and watch the birds get their grub on.

Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

After creating this, I came up with another idea for the birds with using the Chick-fil-A’s salad bowl. Check out some of the other projects.

Disclosure: As a member of the Chick-fil-A Moms Panel I received a coupon for a free Spicy Southwest Salad. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. 

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38 thoughts on “Up-Cycled Bird Feeder | ‪#‎chickfilamomsDIY‬

  1. Actually this is a really cute idea , and the result looks nice and decorating, I’m goint to try this on the trees in my grandma’s yard! she’s got little birds flying all over the place.

  2. I’ll have to start saving my Chic Fil A salad bowls to make a couple of these. We love watching the birds eating out of bird feeders and I try to reuse everything that I can.

  3. What a great idea! And recycled, too!! It’s great use (and reuse) of a plastic container that would end up on a landfill! I’m certain the birds love it!

  4. This is pretty cool and it’s a great way to recycle used bottles and containers. What would make this activity more fun, would be if you do it with the kids!

  5. So cool! I would not have thought you can even upcycle stuff like these. I usually just throw them out. I will ask the hubby if he can make something like this. It would be nice to watch the birds happily feeding.

  6. That is such a great bird feeder. I need to make one of these. I love it! I use to make things similar to this for birds when I was younger.

  7. Great up-cycling idea! I used my container and made a yarn bowl 🙂 Hopefully you get lots of pretty birds!

  8. Cute project! I have not made this yet but in my location, the weather is too hot like I say 117 temp!! I do not know if the birds would come to eat the upcycled bird feeder or not. I love to feed the birds but I disliked the pigeons. Anyway, thank you for sharing 🙂

  9. That is super cute!! We don’t have that many Chick-Fil-A’s around here, but that salad sounds absolutely scrumptious, and now I’m wanting one! 🙁

  10. my daughter would have love this! maybe i can make one and hang it on our window coz there are birds every morning knocking our windows haha

  11. This is an excellent bird feeder idea, and I love how you’ve used materials around the house. I want to do this with my daughter this summer; she would love it! Thanks for the idea.

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