10 Amazing Websites To Find FREE Stock Photos

Let me save you the trouble, here are 10 websites you can get free stock photos to use for your social media platforms and your blog. Never, I repeat never go to google images and just grab whatever image you want. Because you don’t know if it’s free stock or not. If the owner of the images finds you using your images and it’s not free stock, you are in big trouble and could face a lawsuit.

Many of these photographs are free from copyright restrictions or licensed under creative commons public domain dedication. This means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission. Some sites require attribution, but it’s always nice to give a simple credit to all images and never claim them as your own.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into our top picks for free stock photos. People are tired of cheesy stock photos – Instead they want images that are authentic, emotionally driven, and tell a story.

Death to the Stock Photo

Death to the Stock Photo every month a photo pack of 10 photos within a certain category will be delivered to your inbox. The goal of Death to Stock Photos is to bring you a variety of options in which to use for your mockups, blog posts or social media.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a resource created by the LEEROY creative agency offering free high-resolution photos with no copyright restrictions. New pictures are added weekly.


Unsplash offers a large collection of free high-resolution photos and has become one the best sources for stock images. The Unsplash team combs through new submissions and features 10 high quality photos every 10 days. All photos on Unsplash are released under the creative commons public domain license.


Pixabay offers a large collection of free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations. All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.


Pexels offers a large collection of free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations. All images and videos on Pexels are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0. You may download, modify, distribute, and use them royalty free for anything you like, even in commercial applications.

Fancy Crave

Fancy Crave – People are tired of cheesy stock photos. Instead they want emotionally driven images that tell a story. That’s why everyday we handpick and giveaway 2 free authentic photos from real people. Each photo is licensed under CC0, which means you can use them commercially for free.

Pic Jumbo

Picjumbo is a collection of totally free photos for your commercial & personal works. New photos are added daily from a wide variety of categories including abstract, fashion, nature, technology and much more.


FoodiesFeed offers thousands of beautiful realistic free food pictures in high resolution. It’s the perfect stock photo site for food bloggers.


Gratisography offers free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. New awesome pictures are added weekly and are free of copyright restrictions. All the pictures are captured by Ryan McGuire of Bells Design.

Negative Space

Negative Space offers up new free stock photos every week. All of its photos are shared without copyright restrictions, meaning that you are free to use them however you please.

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10 Amazing Websites To Find FREE Stock Photos

What’s your favorite website to get free stock photos?

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  1. I really thought I knew all of the free sites for stock photos, but I am wrong! You have some here that I haven’t seen or heard of that look really great. I use Unsplash quite a bit and love it. I have already bookmarked this for future use, thank you!

  2. This is such a great list! It can be hard to find good stock photos especially that are free. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Stock photos are a great resource, especially when you don’t have access to your own photos. There are so many great sites out there to help keep your content looking fresh.

  4. oh you have a couple of new ones I have not perused yet! I love these sites for clients!!

  5. This is such a great collection of sites. Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a great list. I have not heard of a few of these sites but I am definitely checking them out! Thank you for letting me know about these websites.

  7. (10 Amazing Websites To Find FREE Stock Photos) Wow! I didn’t realize that their were so many different places like these to find the photos you might need to use.

  8. Julie Wood says:

    I love getting things for free and this is so cool to get stock photos at these sites for free. I will have to check out the site.

  9. Dotty J Boucher says:

    This is really good to know, I am trying to get my blog up and running, so I most likely use some of these.

  10. I’ve never looked for stock photos before. These site are awesome though. Im going to start using them as I build my blog.

  11. Thanks for the information! I didn’t realize there were so many websites that offer free stock photos.

  12. I love pexels! Such a great site 🙂

  13. Sarah Hayes says:

    thanks for sharing. I like finding good photos to use

  14. Thanks for the resources. I use Unsplash often but hadn’t heard of the others till now.

  15. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing the info.

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  17. well, this post opened up a whole new world to me! i had no idea.

  18. Sherry Compton says:

    Great collection. Wow! I didn’t realize there were so many or they were so unique. Have to check out several, especially Fancy Crave. Thanks.

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    This is a great listing of stock photos. Thanks.

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