What I Currently Love This Week 001

I haven’t done a link up in forever, but all the ones I was doing, they just stop cold turkey, haha. Here’s one for Mondays, I suggest you go check Becky @ Choose Happy’s “Currently I’m..” You just list the current things that’s going on in your life. Loving, Thankful, Counting Down, Organizing, Watching, Celebrating, Eating.

What I Currently Love This Week 001


What I Currently Love This Week 001I am loving my blog stats right now, it may seem small to you. But I never really put the dedication into the blog to get enough monthly views or UMV before. I post from 3-5 times depending on the week and what’s going on. I also link up on facebook groups and linkups at least 3 times a week if not more! Now these are based on GA stats, other stats don’t really matter how nice they look, GA is what everyone asked for because it’s more legit and doesn’t count all the spam bots, I’ll have to do a post on that sometime. In the meantime, this is a 30 Day Monthly Views. I’m pretty proud of myself. Since I took like 1-2 months off except for reviews in Oct-Nov, when I was trying to piece my life together. My next goal is to have 5,000 UMV & 10,000 page views for ONE MONTH. I’m so close!



John-Jacob-300x300I am thankful for the life I have, may not seem perfect, but I make Hailey-Hannah-300x300the best of what I have. I’m super thankful to have four amazing kids that I love to pieces, they really have their own style and simply amazing in each of their own ways. I am for the amazing friends & family I have in my life, the ones that are there no matter. I’m to have them in my life. Lastly I’m thankful that I’ve let God back into my life, not that he was gone, but I really just stop being true to myself trying to do it all alone, which I’ve realize I need to put my faith in him. Here’s a picture of the kids from tonight, they’re too adorable for words.


Tumblr_ll062aF3151qfy2kdo1_r1_500I am counting down the days until June, when I get to pack up all of our stuff and go look for a place to live and get a job in North Carolina, I hope that my graphic and website business picks up enough that I don’t have to get a 9 to 5, but at the same time, I miss working out of the house! OMG I can’t wait! I can’t wait to be back home with friends and family, I’ve been gone 9 years, that’s a long time! I miss NC a lot.. While I do have family in VA, it just wasn’t the same. Also NC is a hella lot cheaper haha.


tumblr_inline_mojj0qcqQC1qz4rgpAbout the only thing that is organized around here is my pinterest board, haha. Nothing else is really organized. I have a lot of stuff around the house to yard sale & get rid of before I gotta pack up everything up and take it to NC. My blog life not that organized, but hey, I’m making it from day to day, lol.


6355239359631764841043500301_watch-tv-all-dayI actually can’t watch TV tonight. I have this project that’s due in the morning, I started it, but I might have to re-make it in photoshop, it’s really hard and I didn’t know this much work went into this type of graphic, haha. But I need to catch up on my Sunday & Monday night shows for sure. I also got a lot of Netflixing to catch up on.


tumblr_lvm6k7fyzR1r45sjeo1_500Uhmm.. Hannah turned 4 last month on the 9th.. The next birthday would be Hailey in April.. Really, not celebrating anything else..  Oh.. It did snow today, our first REAL snow of the winter season.. They had a 2 hr delay and then 2 hr early release, lol.. Tomorrow most of the state is closed.. It started at 1pm and it’s almost 10pm.. can’t wait to see what it will look like in the morning.. The kids are happy they can finally build a snowman haha Yea, we did watch frozen tonight, found it fitting.. lol



tumblr_m3ew3uHscb1qcrri5o1_500Nothing currently, we did however have bbq chicken, mac and cheese with broccoli for dinner! It was pretty amazing! We eat like chicken all the time basically, but they love it so, they’re easy to please.

So what’s up with you? How is your week so far? Looking forward to anything?

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13 thoughts on “What I Currently Love This Week 001

  1. I love this style of currently post never done it like this before. Congratulations on your stats i am slowly working on mine and good luck with the count down June is not too far away. They say home is where the heart it and I am sure your children are your heart.

  2. Congrats on the blog stats! Moving can be tough, especially with kids, so I wish you guys all the best! I hope you’re all keeping warm in all this cold weather. The chicken looks yummy, you should share the recipe!

  3. Those are great page view goals!!! Hopefully you will have a post that goes viral and blows your mind!! Good luck with the move, sounds like you are excited for the change of scenery and the new adventure.

  4. Good going on the blog stats. Mine tanked over months of neglect, but I am being more active now and I am aiming for that 5k UVM as well.
    This week has been rough. Snowed in, and my mother is extremely sick, so I have had to get serious about the caregiving this week. But I am glad I have kept her out of the hospital. She is a dialysis patient, so that is quite a task when she is sick.

  5. Wow, so if you start back with the 9-5, are you going to try to keep the blog going? It’s a full time job for me trying to run mine on just one or two posts a week.

    1. Whatever I do, I won’t stop blogging and designing.. so I might do blogging like half time and designing like a few times a month.. Then have a 9 to 5.. I don’t know yet, depends on where I can find a job and if it’s full-time or not.. or if my web design business picks up enough that I can make enough on that, That’ would be awesome too..

  6. I love posts like this, the currently theme is always great for seeing what a blogger is up to in life. Congratulations on your blog stats, you’re doing great! I hope you get to reach your 10,000 monthly views goal soon. Your little ones are so adorable, you truly are blessed to have four gorgeous kiddies, each with their own personality and styles. How fun to have snow too, I wish we could have snow here in Ireland but all the spring flowers are in bloom already so there’s no hope!

  7. That’s great on the blog stats – it’s great you have a goal going forward for the next step. Sounds like you have a lot going on, especially with a move and new job search coming up. Lots of luck with everything and all the best as you make these changes!

  8. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY for amazing blog stats. I am working on that too!! Any tips for me?
    YAY for North Carolina. How exciting for the big Change and YES, you do have adorable children!!
    That BBQ looks incredible right now…can you send some my way? Mmmmm
    Thank you so much for joining me this week in my Currently series, I hope you have a great weekend!!

    1. There’s link ups on facebook. I do ones that involve people visiting my site, alexa rank, which also sends them to my site, and blog comment links. I do the alexa & web visits 7 times a week, but I do the blog shares & blog comments Mon – Fri and stick with it and it will bring your views up. For the fact I had basically no views in NOV, bc I took off 2 months really killed it. But since Dec 1, I’ve gotten 10,000 page views.

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